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80 days is not insane, despite what recent market would lead you to believe. Also note, that you listed past the summer/fall rush, and once school starts, weather gets cold, and holidays happen, the whole market slows.

That being said, if you have a stream of showings, you should try to collect feedback. Not everyone will give anything actionable, but it can be helpful. The fact that you have showings points to the idea that it likely isn't marketing or the price being too far off.

My guess is people can't "picture themselves" in the home because it is cluttered and dirty. Some personalized family pictures aren't always bad, but clutter and dirt can kill a home. I'd suggest trying to line up a few showings on Saturday, and sat morning do a cleaning and bake some cookies or brew some coffee. Perhaps you can get reprieve for one day of intense showings.

The economy and interest rates are having an effect, but understand in good and bad markets, homes do sell when they are priced right and show well.

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Has Southwest unlocked the most efficient model? I hate all the "add-on bag fees."

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define efficient.

Southwest certainly bundles more into their fares (no change fees, free bags, etc.) but the data shows Southwest is routinely now one of the highest fares in the market. They only sell through partly to make it harder to comparison shop.

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I flew Allegiant the other day, my traveling partner bemoaned at how we “had to pay for bagsl “ and didn’t get a “free snack and drink”

But really, I paid like $30 for the bag, the fare was a third the price, and o got a snack and drink for four dollars, but they brought it straight to me with almost no wait.

It was kinda nice!

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exactly, each airline is offering something different.

Allegiant offers sub-daily service with little legroom and nothing included. If you don't care about those things, woohoo $30 flight. If you do, you might spend the same as Southwest or Delta or others.

Some people care about checked bags, some never check. Some people want TVs, wifi, snacks and drinks, others don't care. No one model is perfect. And not every trip needs the same thing.

I've flown Spirit on $30 fares with nothing included, it has its place. But I prefer flying Delta (where I am a Diamond) to get everything included and know that if the flight cancels, Delta will find another one for me without too much hassle.

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I think what happened was that they accidentally printed too many winners and went back on their word? Atleast what I vaguely remember when watching

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pretty much. Each cap had a number on it and a security code, and the grand price winner would receive 1 Million Pesos.

They were supposed to have 2 winners. Because the game was so effective, Pepsi extended the promotion. When they had number 349 as the next winner, they assumed there were 2 winners. But they forgot about the previous 800,000 caps printed with the number before the game extension that weren't tracked since 349 was not supposed to be a winner. The 800,000 didn't have valid security codes, but people thought they won life changing money over night.

The people rioted at Pepsi offices, someone firebombed Pepsi trucks, and their offer of 500 pesos to the "fake" winners was denied. It became a cluster pretty quickly.

After lots of legal fights, Pepsi paid out a decent amount of money, but nowhere near 1 million pesos per person. Meanwhile, their sales were up...

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We have been emailing and calling asking for them to move the closing but crickets.

Don't close until it is ready. Ask your realtor / attorney for advice. How long does your rate lock last?

I’m wondering if it’s just because it’s Monday morning and they still need to have discussions about moving the closing

possible it is a Monday post-holiday thing. They will likely not answer you and try to work till the last possible second, or hope you sign anyway. They will say they have a warranty or post-closing support, but frankly, I wouldn't be comfortable with this as you will drop to lowest priority.

Is this normal?

sadly yes

Do we really have a leg to stand on when requesting for the closing to be moved back?

depends what your contract says

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you can and should ask your title company or your closing agent. Once you get it, save a copy! You can also typically get it from your city/county/state property records. Are you sure they want a plot vs. a survey? If a survey, you may have to get it from your mortgage survey or pay for a new one.

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so the net is the same, but some considerations:

  • will the buyer emotionally prefer the higher number? maybe, but again, net is the same and most people will get there pretty quickly

  • will your lender accept so much credit? there are limits, and you might want to know if you are putting towards principle or rate buy down

  • does this affect commissions? many realtors get paid on the sale price, not the net, so the higher price results in higher transaction costs. Though it's pretty small at this point

  • will a higher price appraise? if you have an appraisal contingency, might be better to do high and use that to negotiate down OR not if you are concerned about cash to close

  • will a higher price mean higher taxes? often yes. but again, a small amount, but one that only goes up over time

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Awesome granny, but why isn't the HOA / COA sending a letter to the renter's landlord about his/her tenant's behavior?

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The board should have followed the CC&Rs and filed a warning / violation, some kind of cure notice, then given you a fine before taking legal action. Did you miss this?

You should seek to do the painting and cleaning. You might be able to DIY this. Get it taken care of, then the lawsuit process ends and you won't be out any more money. You can then appeal to the board to try to not have legal charges billed back to you.

You can and should appeal to the board given your special circumstances, but frankly, their job is to maintain the community which you are failing to do. We can all have sympathy for you, but that doesn't remove the obligation. In short, it isn't your neighbors' job to pay for your circumstance.

Respectfully, it sounds like given your current situation, you can't afford to live in the house you are in. Perhaps you should consider selling or downsizing.

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