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I am a member of my HOA board (North Carolina). The board is responsible for maintenance of the the common areas only (tennis court, pool, retention ponds, etc). Including myself, there are 4 members of the board. There should be 5, but the vacancy since the beginning of the year has gone unfilled. We do have a management company.

Presently, the President and VP are constantly bickering and disagreeing over the tiniest (to me) issues. The latest was the wording of an email out to the community about the reopening of the tennis court following closure for resurfacing. The board votes on the text of the email, then the President sends the contents over to the property management company to be sent out to the community. Somewhere between our vote/discussion and the ok to the property management co to send out, some wording got changed/removed. VP is mad that Pres changed some of the wording and thinks Pres is making decisions unilaterally. VP just really wants to follow "protocol".

I think it's stupid to be clogging up my inbox with petty back and forth about a couple of words in an email (about a tennis court that homeowners who would be inclined to frequent would have already seen was re-open).

Of course this is just the latest example of this bickering. I almost want to resign my position, but then I also want to be a voice of moderation.

Is the VP right in that every tiny action/detail needs to have been voted and approved? Who would come back later and be like, here are instances where the item you all voted on did not then proceed exactly as laid out? Does the law require such detail? With any votes occurring over email needing unanimous votes, how do other boards get things done? It seems impossible.

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Votes are for appointing positions, spending money, and other items that have meaningful and substantive impact on the HOA.

Thank you for articulating what I always envisioned how the board should work.

So these kinds of small disputes are happening at intervals between board meetings. We only meet quarterly (instead of monthly that I think we should). But I envision the types of items that should be brought up for discussion in the between time should be significant urgent time sensitive matters.

We do have areas we each volunteered to focus on (pool, tennis, landscaping). So more efficiently, the one focused on the tennis court should have just composed the message, and forwarded on to be email blasted to the neighborhood and that's that.

The Pres is doing a great job of setting the agenda items for the quarterly meeting, and the property management co rep is putting it all together and providing the ongoing projects statuses etc.

So somehow I need to convey that we all need to refocus our energies on the big picture items and eliminate this excessive admin tediousness. It won't be easy with Pres and VP always seemingly on opposites sides of anything.

Thank you (and others) for your insights.

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All the writers fault, with some involvement from Tom, idk. Apparently they wanted this ending since s4.

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Something I've been wondering from a writing standpoint.

If they always intended the end to be what we got (Lucifer healing hell, separate from Chloe mortal life), how were they going to cover that in the coda after the battle for God election in last ep season 5? I guess I'm really curious to know/see what was written before Covid struck and the subsequent additional season 6 renewal.

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When logged into the manage child tax credit portal, there is now a message that says if one spouse unenrolled, but the other didn't, the half the payment will now begin in August. So even that part that they preplanned for, they still couldn't get up and running on time either!

So if you stay opted in, your half should arrive with the August payments, I guess.

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Thank you so much. But do you think it will just be August’s payment? That’s what I’m thinking. I’m just wondering why the spouse who didn’t opt out doesn’t get the July payment?

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Well, knowing the IRS, it probably will just be the August payment, and not make up the missed July. Because to them, you can claim any advance not received on your tax return due next year.

I just assume their programmers couldn't actually figure out the split payment thing in time (same as not being able to add kids in portal, etc).

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I agree also! Also could use a hide channel from mini guide feature, for those channels you know you will never watch. Then we could have channels grouped as favorites, not a favorite but some times check out so keep in the mini guide, and never going to watch so hide them.

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I think you might be thinking of, Like a Prayer by haleyross. The 3rd chapter has the evidence room.

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I'm surprised Stranger Things is still so high on the list. While I enjoyed the show it's not very rewatchable, (like our Lucifer) so who the heck is just now watching it. It's not like they've had new episodes lately.

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I would love a one touch shortcut button to go back to beginning of the on screen mini guide as well. Or perhaps those categories at the bottom (just added, news, sports, etc) could have category for favorites, and that would jump back to beginning of list.

Does fubo have e-suggestion box? Or do we just hope someone from there reads reddit?

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Uh, that's not exactly how it went. They filmed the FTF movie during the summer hiatus after season 4 finished (summer 1997). Then went back to work on Season 5. Though yes not having a filming break between seasons does seem tough. But I bet that's what tv actors did back then. Work their tv shows weekly, then go off at summer time to film a movie.

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