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Found the internet!
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OMG! a threesome with 2 girls... I am a girl. I cannot die before this happens. It's not allowed.

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Turk: “DAMN!”

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Issei Sagawa. Japanese guy who was obsessed with cannibalism of white women. Was studying in France, lured a fellow student over to study and have dinner. He killed her and ate her. Was caught but due to weird law technicalities between France and Japan on extradition and stuff, he got to walk free. Still is, living back in Japan.

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“I want you over for dinner”

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For new dog owners - it’s important to set a “routine” for this reason.

I have a routine of 10 mins of playing, filling food/water bowl, doing a bit of tricks, and giving my pup his Greenies and Kong laced with PB. Never freaks out or tries to follow me when I stick to this routine.

However if I walk out without doing this, he freaks out thinking I’m leaving him.

Routine let’s your pup know that it’s “situation normal, I will be back”.

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what's wrong w being under 150lbs

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Eh weight is based on height; I think this person meant to say that they’re extremely scrawny or obese. No middle ground.

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9 times out of ten these dudes with an asian fetish are also casually racist as well to asians

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They’re so twisted in the head they don’t even realize it. In their fucked up minds, they “appreciate their culture so I cannot be racist!”.

No, you’re a fucking creep that only “learns” the culture while determining that Asian women are “submissive” and really into you just because you’re white (which is so wrong). That’s racism in a nutshell - elevating your own race while downplaying another race. Not to mention, it’s incredibly sexist as well. Even creepier because when they try to politely say “no”, they just try harder because in their fucked up minds they think the women “secretly like it” or some fucked up shit.

Not to mention, they frequently talk shit and spread false rumors among their ilk about how much more “superior” they are to Asian men in their weird creepy forums and Discords. They’re also super fucking annoying when they realize that white women Asian male couples are becoming more common and frequent. It’s a weird defensive mechanism because they are realizing that it’s not the white women (who all reject their incel asses) with the problem and meanwhile they can’t get their desired Asian girlfriend/wife.

I briefly dated a white girl for a year as an Asian male - and my god, the amount of harassment that she received from her white male friends with crushes on her was insane. Sadly they didn’t have the balls to harass me and targeted all their incel hate on her. Granted, white male hatred against white women dating “outside” their race isn’t unique to white males; plenty of Asian males do it when they see a white male/Asian woman couple - but overall it’s pathetic.

My god I had a few of these jackasses in my former WoW guild. It was so cringey.

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'I was told not to show up in the morning': JoAnn Fabrics worker fired after telling customers to 'get out' on intercom
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Dude’s hair is so greasy USA will invade it for oil.

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Rightly or wrongly, if the fucking Mountain decides he wants the chair - you give it to him. People are saying he is a high schooler… Jesus what is he eating? Smaller people?

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Here we go…they all are going to start turning on eachother. Watch as it will be Glorious

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Trump might be both a curse and unexpected boon to American democracy.

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I’m so close to creating bogus saline eye drops, brand it as “COVID vaccine cleanser”, sell it online and advertise on Truth social.

I’d probably make a killing.

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