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Found the internet!
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He never asked to come he just asked where I lived and then showed up an hour later

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if u spoke to him, you would know what he wanted

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i dont find it unsettling in the least. Before inviting you, he asked family if it was ok.

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where the sidewalk ends....poetry

bought for my niece at that age, she took one look and complained it was chapter book. two days later it became her fave book for years

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I have big boobies, d's so not huge, and sometimes i just dont want to wear a bra. It's fine not to (as you know). But you should check if they are wearing a cup

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What kind of tree is it? where is it located?

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The tracks look like voles, though you usually only see that after a period of snow. They come up from their holes and travel under the snow eating the grass at the roots and leave that kind of trail.

Also, you better open and check that access box - critters may have nested in there it it may at least be full of dirt from their digging up into it.

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your right, i came to say voles as it seems to be the last answer anyone gives.

Voles are the cutest little creatures which eat roots and must leave.

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oh yeah btw they are also very tasty and just about any predator will eat them. Get a cat.

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You already know she has a terrible temper and if you approach them when she is already screaming, you will simply be the new target. Report them to building management every yelling match.

cut down the noise while your working with something like this:

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Not much you can do about the neighbors on the right. At least you can easily deal with that by sound proofing windows.

You need to look up your cities statutes.

Keep a log of the dog barking. Call the city and keep calling the city if those dogs are violating the laws. At first, they will be issued warnings, after a while they will be paying tickets.

Park blocking the driveway, call city nonemergency number, start getting those ticketed.

Call in noise violations if your city has quiet times.

all that is a major pain in the ass and almost useless if the neighbor is friends of someone in the government but each call will get a little bit done. You will have to wait to see how it plays out but your building evidence. If things dont change for the better, you will need a lawyer.

You should at least make your life as comfortable as possible:

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I would bring the video of the officers being asses to you to their superior but yeah your right, your lawyer is better

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