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Hopefully not. This isn't a normal thing...I may have like 2 bags of trash a week at most. It just so happens that I had furniture delivered in big boxes that don't really compress down to something very small.

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Boxes can always be flattened. I bought a Lovesac Sactional online which ships in 10-15 separate boxes that are each about 4 foot by 4 foot by 12-18 inches. They were just a small stack of cardboard after I broke them down.

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Don't put your trash on your neighbor's grass again and you won't have a problem with him. I don't care who owns the grass by his condo, we're not in a court room. You said you want the best way to handle this: put it somewhere else, or drive it to a drop-off site/dump. Looking for strangers to give you "legal cover" to do something that upsets your next door neighbor again really, really makes you appear to be the "Karen" in this situation.

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Rule number 1 for booking through 3rd parties/OTA is don't do it.

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I ALWAYS check both the OTAs and the hotel directly, including AAA rates and often endup booking OTA anyway. They're sometimes cheaper, they sometimes have the last of a room type, they often let you book fully refundable reservations when the hotel doesn't offer that, etc. I've never had a problem when I got to the hotel.

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it's not the CCS plugs that are failing

Then why is it that you have to "know how to hold the CCS plug while initiating to ensure the J1772 pins are communicating"?

Wife just called me after trying every Electrify America stall at her location at least once. She finally got the car to charge after 30+ minutes and parking her car 5 times.....

The last thing she said to me was "normal people will not f*cking put up with this."

I'm disappointed that so many comments assumed user-error, despite the included screencaps of issues on Plugshare from a wide variety of cars.

Or that she should have simply chosen a different EA station. "Why didn't she think of that?.. Driving 120 miles to the next charger.. Genius!"

We have around 100 CCS sessions from all over the country and have owned 3 CCS cars. She knows how to use the app guys.. She knows how to hold the CCS plug while initiating to ensure the J1772 pins are communicating.

All of this really proves her point that if EV enthusiasts like herself are having trouble then it's not ready for prime time.

You don't have that problem with Tesla AFIK. That is the sign of a piss poor design.

That's why my sisters & I got my mom a Model S. The plug, and everything else just works. No having to know how to hold the plug the right way to get it to charge.

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Having to hold the plug a certain way is a defect in the female receptacle on specific vehicle models. It's not a feature of CCS or of the charging station. Adopting a different plug shape would not prevent MINI or whoever from building a defective receptacle. Neither Tesla nor the charging networks are the manufacturer of the receptacle.

That story has nothing to do with this conversation, unless your suggestion is that not only should charging networks have adopted Tesla's plug, but Tesla should be the only car maker on the market because you believe Tesla's never designed a problematic part.

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Having to hold the plug a certain way is a defect in the female receptacle on specific vehicle models.

Literally every post about charging problems on here and elsewhere one of the steps they tell you to try is lifting up the plug.

Even EA's customer support tells you to do that

I call EA. They try to help, restarting stations, initiating the charging themselves, telling me to lift up on the plug… we try everything.

That does not sound like a "defect on specific vehicle models"

That story has nothing to do with this conversation

Yeah, it does, as u/duke_of_alinor pointed out Teslas' network, including the plugs, were proven & reliable.

CCS, not so much. My suggestion is look at the real world evidence and stop wasting time on a troublesome standard and use what works, because as the wife from the first post says "normal people will not f*cking put up with this."

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That advice is part of the script because the Chevy Bolt was the car with this defect in its first model year, which was also the first year of EA's build out. Bolt drivers were the network's first big user group.

But this is irrelevant. The plugs are not the reason charging networks aren't reliable. Not even close.

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This is how the new car market has been for a year and a half or so.

You have four choices:

  1. Order the car you want, and wait for it to be built and delivered

  2. Reach out to all your area dealers, establish a relationship with a sales person at each one who can call you if they get a cancelled reservation they can sell you

  3. Check inventory regularly... the most reliable (but not foolproof) way to tell a car actually on the lot from one that's pre-sold is whether they're showing a stock photo, versus photos of a specific car taken on their lot

  4. Pay the "it's actually available today" premium and buy a late-model used Bolt from Carvana/Carmax/etc

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You can watch the video that's a screen grab from to see the color better.

You'll see another ID4 in Tourmaline Blue too. Both the video and your article are from August.

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It is a cheap new car and Nissan finance will loan money to anybody with a pulse for 8 years even though they are unreliable pieces of crap that won’t last 8 years.

Basically they are driven by stupid people since it is a new car with such low monthly payments.

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It's also the most common used car on the road in like 1/4 of the country. Statistically a bad driver is likely to be driving an Altima just because all drivers are more likely to be driving an Altima than any other specific model.

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Used car sales don’t tell you crap about how common they are on the road - only new car sales can give you that info. Some people never sell or trade cars. All used car sales tell you is how many people want to get rid of a specific car - I.e. my comment above about how Nissan Altimas are a piece of crap.

Nissan has sold roughly 3 million new Altimas from 2010-2020. Toyota has sold 4 million new Camrys in that time.

So statistically it is no more common on the road than a Toyota Camry or Corolla, Honda Accord or Civic, etc.

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I didn't say anything about used car sales. I said it's the most common used car on the road in parts of the country. This comes from vehicle registration and insurance data. Nissan sold more Altimas in some regions than Toyota sold new Camrys. Specifically, the Nissan Altima is the most common car on the road in Alabama, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma.

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I've recently aquired a pro model glowforge from a storage auction. It says it's a demo model, and non functional. But a look inside I see the laser unit, and the x and y axis motors, fans, coolant tank and fan. All appears to be wired. But it is missing the power supply, the cpu and the laser head. Are these parts obtainable to get this running?

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They made these demo units for Michaels and Joann stores to show next to their Glowforge materials for sale. They're not functional and can't be made functional. Glowforge doesn't sell the power supply or control board as spare parts, nor are there any manuals to help you assemble one from parts.

There's also no market for old Glowforge parts from non-working machines for you to buy them from, because it's never in a Glowforge owner's financial best interest to part out a non-working machine: Glowforge Inc will offer to trade it in for a refurbished, working Glowforge for $1000-2000. That working Glowforge is worth $3000-6000 on the used market, so it always makes sense to do the trade. Then they fix the one you sent in and have it available as a refurb for the next person with a broken machine.

You have the sole exception... there's no reason for this display model to be in a storage unit, but you have it now, so you have parts you could sell. You don't have a registered machine to trade in, so you can't turn it into a working one in the way I described like a normal machine owner could. Unfortunately the parts you haven't aren't worth much and will be hard to find a buyer for.

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Press and hold the power button on the left side of the infotainment screen for 15 seconds and it'll reboot. Haven't found a weird glitch that hasn't fixed yet.

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