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Found the internet!
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We can also use technology to fix it and put a hydrophobic coating on the outside.

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"Technology", aka more cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting PFAS "forever chemicals" we use to make things waterproof.

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What is x dot com?

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It's where Elon made all the money he used to buy his way into Tesla and to start SpaceX. was an online bank Musk started, that pivoted into a PayPal clone, paid users to sign up until PayPal ran out of cash trying to do the same, then merged with PayPal. The combined company kicked Elon out after a few months and he bought back his old domain. But he owned a huge chunk of PayPal via this merger, so when they later became successful and sold to eBay, he became rich.

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This summer has been hotter than most years. Double La Nina weather pattern bringing in more heat from the south or something. It's not usually 90+ degrees for months at a time.

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Why are our mega insurance companies unable to set up an alternate factory ? I read one of the insurance company has 50 million members that's 15% or more of the country and they can't negotiate or build their own insulin?

Yes and that's because they are complicit

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Patents, and an overly expensive FDA approval process even if you're just making a generic version of a drug that's come off patent. If you are OK with a much older and harder to use type of insulin, Wal-Mart sells that for $25, no insurance needed (Novolin ReliOn).

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Its sick its been 2 years and he hasn't been fucking fired yet. Its an insult.

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If you're not already aware, nobody in the White House or Congress has the authority to fire the postmaster general. Only the USPS Board of Governors can do that.

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Yes, and the board is appointed by the President, who can at anytime, remove the board members and replace them with people who will fire him at once.

Also, when the President of the United States calls you and tells you to resign, generally you would do it.

Biden has done neither of these yet.

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Biden has replaced two board members so far. Each of his appointments has to be confirmed by the Senate.

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Never had it go off while driving but getting in the car it has happened a few times. Really annoying. Officially there is not a way to turn it off. There is some changes you can make with an OBD but I'm not messing with that.

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Thanks for the tip, might be time to buy the OBDEleven app so I can turn off the alarm there. I already have a dongle to use.

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OMG yes I do that all the time! I just run around buying expensive things for no reason and then just... giving them away!

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I have an aunt that does this. She is loaded and enjoys shopping, but has everything she needs already after a lifetime of that. She's in her 70s. She still goes shopping but just gives it all away. New appliances, new clothes, antiques... she'll show up at a family barbecue and just hand out gifts.

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  1. My wipers do not do anything when backing out of the garage. Maybe you're accidentally bumping the wiper stalk when reaching for the gear selector?

  2. I use Google Maps on Android Auto, which shows the turn by turn on both screens.

  3. I chose a color in the ambient lighting settings of the car. The lighting is always that color, but I don't ever switch driving modes.

  4. No

  5. Once in the car, you HOLD the button to switch to apply a memory seat configuration, not just touch it once.

  6. My clicker attached to the visor works any time, lol.

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