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Found the internet!
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People fighting. SSDD.

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It reminds me of runway looks I've seen when you wear it open. I like it.

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I will add to look at the seat and see if it will detach. You can buy more comfortable padded seats if you have this capability. This is mine, I started using it at 375 lbs and still use it. I agree on strengthening your glutes as well, that does help.

Can you squat at all, or get up and down from a chair repeatedly? These are ways to increase glute strength starting out. I would just stand in front of a chair and sit stand sit stand for as long as I could. Boring af so I would listen to music or an audiobook.

From where I was, the age I was, rehabbing my muscles was kinda hellish but if you are determined you can push through and it massively has improved every aspect of my life.

Dedication. Repetition. Frequency. Find what you can do and do it daily. When it becomes too easy add weights or change incline, make the seat lower, find a way to keep it challenging. Don't give up. If you miss a day don't let it turn into a month. Focus on your goals.

Good luck!

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Yes, my seat is detachable. Thanks for sharing the picture of yours.

Yes, I can squat to an extent. I have been doing so for a while. However I have never been consistent, I will add this into my daily routine. Thanks for the tip.

Your determination is really inspiring, thank you for all the encouragement. Good luck to you too! :)

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You're so welcome!

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Pursuing my artistic interests without having to limit myself because "it might not sell".

Spending all day every day with my best friend, aka my husband.

Spontaneous travel and day trips.

Spending more time loving my pets and being with them all day.

Not dying my hair. Wearing whatever tf I want including stuff from Hot Topic, or Fashion Nova, or thrifted stuff, or stuff I sew myself because age is not limiting unless you allow it to be.

Wearing long outrageous artistic nails with bling. See above.

Spending time with my grandchildren teaching them to color, and see the world, and discover animals (duck!) and just learning. I love seeing those lightbulb moments when they make a connection on how to do a thing or say a thing or sing a thing.

Dancing because I love how it feels.

Working on my health and weightlifting for the same reason.

Last, cutting people out of my life instantly and without apology or even explanation simply because they say things geared to make me feel bad about me. To quote my current favorite song, "I don't need a cure for me.

I don't need it."

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Yes. I dyed my hair from when I was 30 until I was 61, stopped at 61. I like being a dark red auburn. Now I have Bride of Frankenstein white streaks at the temples, I kinda dig it.

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High pulse versus exercise target pulse rate

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You don't need to exercise at all to lose weight. You need to be in a calorie deficit.

Exercising is great for your overall fitness, health and mobility, but if you're exercising and you're not in a calorie deficit you will still put on weight.

The best kind of exercise you can do is one you enjoy, if you enjoy it then you'll want to keep doing it.

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All of this. It shouldn't be torture or stressful, it's not about that. I don't do cardio, I hate it. I do stretching, swimming, and weightlifting because I love all three.

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If I did it right I would have to eat 595,000 calories over TG, LOL!

I love this and I love seeing your excitement and motivation. You are doing the thing dude!

A thing that really helped me overcome the days I see a gain (I weigh daily, I know that's not everyone but it works for me) is an app called Happy Weight that someone recommended to me here on Reddit. It gives you averages as well as tracking your day to day and helps me see at a glance the overall downward trend.

I recently had a bout with cellulitis and the swelling has messed with my weight loss but having this app has allowed me to just not worry about it. I haven't changed my eating and I know that when the infection passes normal progress will resume. It's hard to hit bumps in the road like this but it happens, the weight loss uncovered an abscess from an old surgery and my body decided it was time to push it out. I'm on antibiotics and it's resolving. I've had to stop weightlifting until it completely resolves WHICH I HATE but the ER doc that opened and cultured this said eventually it would have gone septic when I was at my highest weight so the weight loss, yet again, saved my life. I had no clue it was under there and then, like, surprise!

This is a marathon and for me there have been multiple issues to deal with: left knee, right knee, bone spur on right heel, severe back pain early on which has, thankfully, completely healed. If nothing else changed everything was worth just getting rid of the back pain, it's the worst pain I've ever experienced although cellulitis is no fun in that regard either.

My entire point being stay the course, no matter what occurs. I could have used the cellulitis as an excuse to go nuts, re: you NEED to eat pounds of crap to "heal" and my husband was kinda pushing for that because food is love and the whole event scared him. My concession has been to increase protein and after 5 days it seems to be working perfectly.

But french fries, you know, need those to heal. eyeroll Did that in the past. No thanks brain, I see your tricks.

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Thank you for sharing, your progress is absolutely astonishing!

Sorry to hear about the medical issues going on, I hope it goes over well. After so much work, Lord knows you deserve a dang break. (Not of the french fry variety, perhaps some anabolic ice cream? (Low kcal, high protein, seriously worth checking out! Will Tennyson has good videos on it.) Heh.
Your attitude is definitely the right spirit, and sometimes I wish I had the will to be as focused as you. All I can do is work out every day (easy for me) and do my best not to fuck up my diet (very, very, very, very, very--- difficult for me) - but depression and excessive stress really does a number on one. So much for "Just work out and be healthier to be happy" am I right?

Anyhow, I wish you the best in your journey. Despite the hiccups, I want nothing more than to make it - so I will. In the famous words of Zyzz: "We're all gonna make it, brahs."

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do my best not to fuck up my diet (very, very, very, very, very--- difficult for me)

It will get easier, I promise. We are def gonna make it. I saw that huge lift you did on IG, I'm proud of you! You are doing great.

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I'm trying to jump off that same train!

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I'm saving a place for you by my fire. <3

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I guess roasted Marshmallows are out of the question...

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Charcoal sticks are fun to draw with ;)

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