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Found the internet!
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VKB Australia is selling tubs of Nyogel for AUD $10.

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This latest model Sportage is what made me look into and eventually buy my first Kia. I think it's a great looking SUV, whereas most SUV's are meh imho.

I'm in Australia where our trim levels may differ from yours, and we can't add options to any spec, but my advice is to not even sit in a higher spec unless you plan to buy it. The difference between our top spec and those below it, they may as well be different cars. Even the body changes with the top GT-line here. If you fall in love with a top spec, you won't be satisfied with a lesser one imo.

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Honestly why does anyone care? If you play as much as the dipshit posting these videos you might get 1 game a week like this. And if you do report people through creating a ticket, adding a replay and showing there is a clear pattern then they'll get banned for a few days.

I really don't understand why this bothers anyone seeing as it doesn't affect 99.99% of wot players. Plus 100% of dipshit's audience are shitters who would lose anyways...

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Found the cheater lol.

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Having traded an E class coupe, I too am enjoying the space in my Sportage. It's awesome not having to pay extra for home delivery, and being able to do a dump run last weekend.

I really like those wheels. I've been thinking about something similar myself.

Kia OG wheels look crap imho.

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I wonder how much of Twitter that the Saudi's and Russians own?

$44 billion seems a fair price to pay to influence the profoundly thoughts of evil westerners.


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Hello fellow Queenslander.

The apellations are to do with levels of equipment.

Off the web site.....

Features for SX

17" machined alloy wheels, 8" touch screen, Bluetooth Multi-connection, AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) with FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System) - Car, Pedestrian, Cyclist, Junction Assist*Intelligent Speed Limit Assist*Blind Spot Collision Avoidance Assist* (not available on manual transmissions), Multi Collision Brake*, Front centre side airbag, Lane Keeping Assist (LKA)*, Lane Following Assist (LFA)*, LED headlights (MFR) & Daytime Running Lights (DRL), Full size spare wheel

Features for SX+ in addition to SX

19" machined alloy wheels, harman / kardon sound system, Artificial leather seats, Heated seats (front)' Smart Power Tailgate' Smart Key with Push Button Start, LED front fog lights, Power driver's seat with power lumbar

Features for GT line in addition to SX+

19" machined alloy wheels (different from SX+ ones), Curved 12.3" digital instrument cluster with 12.3" touch screen, Leather appointed seats with artificial suede upper, Driver memory seat (2 positions), Heated & ventilated seats (front), Dial-type gear shift knob (SBW), Wireless phone charger (Qi), 64 colour ambient mood lighting, Panoramic sunroof, Remote Smart Park Assist (Diesel models), Blind Spot View Monitor, *Surround View Monitor*

SX and SX+ have differences externally in the body from the top GT line spec, front and rear the air scoopy thingys are visually different, plus I think the roof rails are different.

Finally, you can't get some colours, like my Junglewood Sportage, in the SX spec.

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Picking up my Sx tomorrow. Very excited. Wanted the sx plus but just couldn't fit it in the budget at the moment.

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Sweet! You'll love it :)

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Actually, is possible with mini Desk Mount V3+adapter. I just install it or uninstall it in the table. It is small and can be transported. The question is, if I go with the Constellation and Mongoose CM3 route, do I really need 2 CM3 bases? My main hand is the right one. Can I just use CM3 on the right stick and WarBRD on the left one?

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I have all the Virpil bases. The CM3 is an inch or so taller than a Warbrd, and I don't think it's designed for desk use, it'd be too tall imho. I used Warbrds with Alpha grips on the desktop initially, and that was workable but a bit uncomfortable in long sessions. CM3 is best with extensions, too.

Most desk mounts would be fairly portable imo. I have both Virpil and Monstertech long mounts (long allows me to use an extension, but has the same footprint as the normal version). My current HOTAS set up (alpha Prime on CM3 base, with a 100mm extension, L is a CM3 panel) is disconnected and just sitting on a spare space on my desk. It would be easy to place them in a box and transport, unless you ride a bike lol.

Once you set up the desk mounts, it's just a simple little lever to fit or remove them.

With desk mounts, you can fit whatever bases you like (with the correct mounting plate) so mis-matched bases would be no problem.

If you do decide to buy desk mounts, I strongly recommend Monstertech over VPC. The VPC is extremely solid, but the design pushes you too far away from the desk imo.

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Can you send me the Monstertech link that shows this specific mount please?

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Sure, it's just the one on their web site.....

Choose your baseplate from the drop down menu.

There's a short version, if you don't plan to use an extension, and you can get one unpainted a little cheaper.

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Try to maintain tidy habits as you go. Some examples I use.....

Put dirty clothes in a basket as soon as you change. Get a basket for clothes if you don't have one already.

I wash items as I cook so cleanup after a meal is minor and easy. Get a dishwasher otherwise, and load it as you go.

Get floor mats at entrance doors, helps keep the floors cleaner looking longer. Don't wear outside shoes inside. Slippers are awesome.

Get a robot vacuum cleaner. Mine is the best investment I ever made lol.

Use a squeegee in the shower when you're done washing. It takes about 1 minute to squeegee the glass, walls and floor as you step out after a shower, but saves you the awful job of scrubbing soap scum, that otherwise reaches critical mass and offends even me.

Don't have cats. I fail this one, but the robovac makes up for it somewhat.

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