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Found the internet!
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You do realise managers will see them in training and base it off that? If he’s not performing there then he won’t play

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There was literally glazers out flags at the sociedad game you gorp

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Mods, you are sweaty ass couch potatoes.

I am a gangster from America. Are you sure you want to play this game with me?

Listen Mods, I will do a home invasion on you. I will cut the power to your house, pick the locks to your door, and the only thing you’ll hear is me climbing up the stairs with a pair of night vision goggles I bought in the back of soldier of fortune magazine. I’ll take a picture of you in bed with r/censored (click-click) working on your “jiu-jitsu”. I’ll take said photograph, post it on Password? NOT REQUIRED. Username? NOT REQUIRED.

That mods, is how you threaten someone, DUMMY.

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I love you

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Martinez is my first official jersey since my Rooney one from 14/15

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Hopefully it’s not from the official website. DHgate they’re £12 and you’re not giving a penny to the cunt Glazers

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Can tell who has and who hasn’t refereed a game before in their life in this.

Klopp acted like a dick, and not for the first time towards a referee. Some vague defence about “passion” doesn’t really defend just about steamrolling through a linesman, Davie.

It’s mental how anti-abuse people can be until it comes to referees then it’s fair game.

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That large majority of people on here have never kicked a ball competitively (I’m talking even in a 5 a side game). Can always tell

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I really don't get why people can't see that.

Give people more money, they buy more shit. Bigger TV's, nicer cars, expensive holidays, fancier clothes etc etc

If you give people the means to consume, they will fucking consume!

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The poors aren’t allowed nice things haven’t you forgotten?

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Thanks for the detailed response.

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You’re welcome

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Same bo1 was my first game but sliding is better in every way

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PHD flopping off the top rope to take out 15 zombies >

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