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Will a 500watt transmitter in the HF band reach from central USA to Europe? If not, the Caribbean? I am just interested in what it would take to be able to apply for a licence to setup a small SW radio station.

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1 point · 8 hours ago

Basically yes. Specifically, it depends on the antenna, time of day, solar cycle, and more.

So yes but to be more precise, maybe.

I have had two way simplex SSB communication from Arizona to the Netherlands on 20 meter at just 100 watts.

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My intent is to be able to obtain an FCC HF broadcast license. I understand they are not licensing stations for broadcasting unless it's international broadcasting so I am wondering if there is a minimum transmitter wattage or simply if you can transmit outside of the US to any other country. Obviously the combination of the transmitter wattage and the antenna and location all would come into play.

I'm just now digging into this to find out what is possible. If the entry level is a 100,000 watt transmitter, then it's out of my league. If there are ways to acquire a license with a setup less than $50K, I am interested.

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You’re beyond the expertise of this sub. As a bear minimum, I would recommend you get your general ham, radio license.

What do you want to do can be done but it’s an uncommon thing. I sincerely hope that you were able to do it. To begin with, you’re going to need to earn more knowledge than you already have. Reddit will not give you what you need and you’ll need to go actually do work.

If you do make it on the air, I would love to listen to what you create, please post your broadcast times in frequencies here.

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Going to mass only to meet girls = bad.

Meeting girls because you go to mass = very good.

Finding a parish where you’re more likely to meet girls sounds like a solid plan for a successful marriage.

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Is the antenna fixed or removable?

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IMO. Over the long run, leverage is your friend. I’d get two or three.

Op2 points · 11 hours ago

Can someone explain this ? what ways would someone be able to utilize the leverage? In a practical sense, how does that help?

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Leverage magnifies returns.

Let’s say you buy house for cash at 100k and it goes up 10%. You made 10% on your investment.

Same house, you put 10% down so you’re out of pocket $10k. Now it goes up 10% and it’s now worth $110,000. You just made 10k on 10k. That’s a 100% return!

Same house, one scenario you made 10% cash on cash return. The second scenario you make 100% cash on cash return. Obviously these are simplified numbers that ignore some fees and expenses.

Now you also magnify risk. Say the house lost $10k in value. The opposite would be true.

On a long enough timeline, real estate goes up. Apart from black swan events or cities like Detroit, real estate is solid.

So leveraging your cash magnifies your returns.

In OPs case we can get one house at 500k or borrow money and get more. With 500k you could get up to $2.5 million in real estate. That a lot of leverage. I like to have at least a third in equity or more as a safety net. So I’d be comfortable with using $500k to buy $1.5 million assets.

Having said that I know people that do well going balls to the wall and maxing out your leverage. It’s all about what you’re comfortable with and how much cash flow you need to see.

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Michigan Department Of Education Provided Educators With Materials On How To Create A ‘Gay Straight Alliance’ Club
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We had one in my high-school a good 15 years ago, so the idea is nothing new. I was not involved but the way it appeared to me was to just have a space for LGBT students to be together. Non LGBT students (typically their friends) could attend as well or just sign up as supporters to show their acceptance.

They'd put together signs and stuff for events... Nothing dubious as far as I was aware.

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1 point · 12 hours ago

Ours was called GLASS: gay, lesbian, and straight supporters. This was in the mid 90’s.

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When you say “for only 3% commission”, why only?

i thought 3% is pretty standard for a sellers agent. An additional 3% typically goes to the buyers agent.

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Commissions to the selling brokerage are listed in total commission. With the numbers you provided the selling commission would be 6% and there would be a 3% co-broker fee.

6 would be the total regardless of any payments to a co-brokerage.

If they are selling for 3% they are probably making 1% and offering 2% as a co-broke. If the son buys it, there would be no co-broke fee and the LA would keep the full 3%

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Yeah it’s a conflict but it’s a known a disclosed conflict with several ways to make sure things are above board. On its face, it’s not unethical.

Now, the part where the agent is offended is an issue. That agent should welcome a second set of eyes, if nothing else, just to make sure the conflict doesn’t cause problems.

You can also get the opinion of a few other agents as well.

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This sounds like an affiliate business and not just a referral. Those can be problematic.

When I refer my clients to a lender it’s because I trust that the lender will do a good job, have good communication, and most importantly, deliver what they promised and close on time.

I have no financial involvement with him. I don’t get anything tangible out of the referral beyond a solid working relationship that gets deals done.

Those are the referrals you want to consider using.

I also tell my clients to feel free and shop around for other lenders if they like.

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Paul Ryan and the antitrumpers should watch going after Trump. The path to winning for the Republicans is to talk about the difference between the D and the R and stop going after each other, no matter the residual hate. The party needs to take the new and move forward. We need to learn from our past mistakes and come together against this very powerful very organized Democrat party.

I like DeSantis, but we need to get our crap together.

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8 points · 14 hours ago

Counter argument: We need to fix our own broken house before we’re in the position to accomplish anything worthwhile.

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