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Found the internet!
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After searching the definition, I mean if they’re fetishizing it, yeah that’s some pedophile shit

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I met my boyfriend when I was going through some SHIT. He was 100% my type, literally my dream guy, I was in no way ready to date yet, so we were friends for a little while while I got my shit together.

Yes, it’s definitely a thing.

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Haven’t been there, but I’ve heard from others not to go outside the resort city. Customs isn’t as scary as it sounds. You just have to declare if you bring back or take any food, drink, etc. also, they will go through your suitcase. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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I mean, confidence is important. If you turn into the type of person that doesn’t let his date wear heels because it hurts his ego, that’s the only time I think you’re gonna have an issue. Otherwise, just own it and I think you should be fine. Some girls care about height and some don’t- keep looking for the ones who don’t 🤷🏻‍♀️

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It happened one summer and Hook line and sinker (they’re a series) are actually super good! I personally liked hook line and sinker more

However, I work in retail and absolutely despise people who do this

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Oh totally, I stacked them up and brought them to an employee’s attention, like come on people. Better than abandoning ice cream or something there I guess…. And yes I liked it happened one summer a lot! But I have to admit I felt mildly let down by hook line and sinker - it was cute but I could help but wishing, once again, that a man had just sought therapy to deal with his issues instead of making it his romantic interests problem 😂 but I suppose where’s the plot in that lol

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Y’know what? That’s fair lmao. Those crab fishermen have to have unresolved inner conflict otherwise they’re not the stereotype lol.

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It really just depends on the area and what your parents will let you do but you guys could always do a picnic in the park if you live somewhere it isn’t snowing rn, putt putt, arcade, bowling (haven’t been bowling in a few years so don’t know if the price of that would exceed $50)

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Someone in one of my groups asked for spirit reviews and walking is a common preference over spirit lmao

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