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"Not here for terfs, men, or married people."

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If it was "no TERFs, men, or married people" I think that would get the point across-- I'm pretty sure a trans man would see that and know he was included in "no men"

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Good point, I'll edit that

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I have before, yes. I burned myself out and have been working a lot on not doing it again.

Is it normal to be ostracized in the workplace like this?

Unfortunately, yes. Neurotypical people don't like autistic people. Like, there are literal studies about their knee-jerk dislike. No matter how hard you try, there's always going to be something about you that bothers them. The major mitigating factor is often being informed that someone is autistic, and then they can offer a bit more understanding (although, of course, this can also bring out the hardline bigotry.)

Take care of yourself, first and foremost. Get healthy and comfortable in yourself, it will make things easier for you to do. Don't try to hide who you are because it will come out eventually. If someone is hateful towards you, cut them out of your life before they can ruin it.

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Watching the same movie and listening to the same album over and over every day for months.

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It's not necessary for their health or anything, but it might be better for yours (and your furnishings and carpet if they decide those are better than scratching posts)

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Anti work is not anti labor, it's anti exploitation. The setup we have is that a boss/owner reaps most of the benefits of labor done by "underlings." This is work. People doing the actual labor deserve more than what they get from work. Abolishing labor isn't practical (though it could certainly be reduced through things like automation) but abolishing work is a different proposition entirely.

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At the beginning of our relationship, he asked me to make several changes because otherwise our relationship could not work.

Red flag no. 1

when I pass a comment or make a criticism, he takes it really personal and gets angry.

Red flag no. 2

I feel like I'm walking on eggshells.

Red flag no. 3

He criticized a lot, but when it's me, he feels attacked and sometimes even blames my tone of voice.

Red flag no. 4

Should I give up on this relationship?

I would, it sounds exhausting. Relationships shouldn't drain you or undermine your sense of self.

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At this point it will be very tricky. If they're 3 months old, they're getting to the end of their socialization window and you might not have time to really socialize them as house cats. See if you can get them inside now and start the process of getting them accustomed to human interaction (check YouTube for specific advice on socializing feral kittens; I know the kitten lady has a video on that specifically) but if it doesn't work you might have to let them go and try again with younger kittens.

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No, I wouldn't want it to come off like I'm comparing them to anyone, especially someone who gets paid to be hot.

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