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Found the internet!
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The Spoons

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is that the actual logo?

did they use fucking Impact as the logo for their Tarkov competitor?

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one the left is an actual DMZ logo, yeah

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cries in 970

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Cries in 3080ti

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I can't wait until SBIH is reduced to 70 meters to account for the new fog changes.

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Knowing BSG’s “One step forward, two steps backwards” policy it will probably increase to 200m

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Okay, so I fixed it... had to completely uninstall iCue and reinstall it. Everything came back once I did that. I don't know if that's your issue or not, but you might want to try.

And when I say uninstall... I really mean uninstall. What I mean by that is that for some odd reason, the uninstaller didn't actually get rid of the files or services, so iCue actually stayed there, and the uninstaller would disappear. iCue would still run, and reinstalling on top of it did not fix it. I guess that might be why I was having issues.

So what I had to do is this (be sure to backup all of your iCue profiles if you want to keep them, you will lose them otherwise!):

  1. Run services.msc and shut down Corsair LLA Service, Corsair MSI Plugin Service and Corsair Service. They were all still running despite being "uninstalled". You may have to shut down other services depending on your configuration - just look for anything beginning with "Corsair" in the list.

  2. Run cmd as admin and delete the services, like this : sc delete <nameofservice>. The actual name of the three services listed above are "CorsairLLAService", "CorsairMsiPluginService", and "CorsairService"

  3. Delete the entire Corsair folder inside ProgramFiles

  4. Run "%appdata%", delete the Corsair folder there

  5. Run "%localappdata%", delete the Corsair folder again

  6. Run regedit, find HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ and delete the entire Corsair folder.

  7. Run regedit, find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ and delete the entire Corsair folder.

  8. Restart, then reinstall iCue.

Everything was back after that. Imported my old profiles, and restarted afterward, and everything still works. I don't know what exactly caused this to happen, but it seems to have also fixed my issues with CPUID HWmonitor. I'm guessing iCue was somehow preventing hwmonitor from accessing the sensors, which made it crash.

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This worked, I love you.. even all those months after you took your time to write that. I appreciate the effort

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I’m not following… the comment, where did it came from?

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Lord of the Rings

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Item: Salt >> Examine

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One of my scavs was named the VDV,

Safe to say that my next course of action was to fall off a building and die

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Is it just a genorator? I thought it was lust a big list of names that it choose randomly from

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23 points · 3 months ago

The function that selects a random first and last name from arrays of strings is the "generator".

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