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26 points · 7 hours ago

As a non-american, I think american voices are good but man, the script it's horrible. Everything had to be funny or a pun. Many moments of tension or silence were replace by dumb jokes

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2 points · 2 hours ago

You aren't wrong, but DragonBall is meant to be humorous and not taken to seriously. Toriyama made a lot of silly gags throughout both series. It's serious when it needs to be, but it's low key and comical when it doesn't. My favorite super quote was vegeta saying "oh yeah sure let's go see Yamcha" sarcastically when Bulmas telling him to go to her party.

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OpScore hidden · 9 hours ago

Link to website

Planned Parenthood says on their own website that "you can't get pregnant if you breastfeed because you don't ovulate if you're breastfeeding". This is intentionally misleading information because the truth is, while breastfeeding can delay you from ovulating, it doesn't stop you from ovulating entirely, and it can hard to predict exactly when it will come back, making it an insecure method of birth control at best. The line "breastfeeding can only be used as birth control until your period returns" is also very misleading because your period won't come back until you ovulated first, and you ovulate before your period, meaning you can get pregnant while breastfeeding without getting your period.

And how would Planned Parenthood benefit from this? While the information is somewhat accurate, it can also lead many women to believe they cannot get pregnant while breastfeeding, and therefore accidentally get pregnant when they didn't want to.

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Score hidden · 7 hours ago

It sounds like you're trying to make a conspiracy about planned parenthood wanting women pregnant to get abortions, but the fact is if you aren't ovulating then you cannot get pregnant.

If you just had a kid and are breast feeding you have to speak to your gyno about when you can start trying again. Every women's body is different. This isn't misinformation, it's just general information

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596 points · 10 hours ago

He was literally just saying that the Colorado terrorist attack shouldn’t be used to force us to accept trans kids. Fuck Ben Shapiro

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19 points · 7 hours ago

He also said it's a "one sided argument" where only democrats blame conservatives for these acts...but Ben is constantly saying "radical left. Radical left wing, radical democrats" regarding every single thing that happens.

They don't like when they get caught with their pants down so they deflect and play victim. It's a good strategy that keeps working. "MAGA FUCK YOUR FEELINGS WE ARE MEN! We aren't weak sensitive snowflakes and we tell it LIKE IT IS!"

but then....

"Oh man wowies democrats are so mean to us! Why are they so mean? We conservatives are just so nice and kind, and yet they're so mean to us boo hoo."

2.1k points · 10 hours ago

It’s like being angry at a fire that you helped to set that is burning your house down. He only cares about it now that he’s in danger. Fuck him.

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2 points · 7 hours ago

He's been attacking Trump a lot after the whole midterm mess. Personally I'm glad. Daily Wire has a lot of Trump fans who watch it, maybe having a platform that they listen to actually showing them the real Trump will make them finally dump him

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69 points · 11 hours ago

"As much salvation as I'm currently capable of" there's a limit to Lucius' powers? what is Tabata cooking? Either way really excited to see how things play out.

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52 points · 10 hours ago

He has some kind of Achilies Heel, all of the villians in this series have one fatal flaw that gets exploited and leads to their downfall.

If I could guess, it's that Lucius is expanding a massive amount of power purifying all of the devils and keeping them in line. On top of everything else he's doing, possibly even keeping Astoroth and Lucifero in check inside of him. If Asta manages to break Lucius's magic I wonder if all of the devils will return to their evil forms. We got set up for a Lucifero full appearance, so that's likely the direction we will see it take

9 points · 8 hours ago

So Lucius is possibly a red herring of sorts. He’s not the final big bad.

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5 points · 7 hours ago

I have no idea, because Julius is trying to stop him, and the texts he read that revealed whatever truth to him is probably devil trickery or something.

The whole purified devil thing just screams that its going to fail to me. Especially since we never saw Lucifugius fight.

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505 points · 1 day ago

Literally nobody does this. If someone really believes this on their deathbed I wouldn't take it from them. This is an idiotic straw man.

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7 points · 13 hours ago

There was actually a reddit post in I think Atheism a few years back where someone actually did do something similar to this, and he got destroyed in the comment section for being a self-righteous twat.

He was complaining about having to pretend to be religions while his grandfather was on his death bed. I don't think he actually said anything, but people were telling him to not get his cape stuck in the door on his way out.

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Every set i get at least one match where my game will indefinitely freeze in the middle of a charge move, forcing me to restart the app and rejoin the battle, where I have obviously been put at a massive disadvantage and costs me the match.

Or the game will crash immediately as I go to throw a charge move, making my move under charged and of course putting me at another disadvantage while I reload into the match. I am so close to veteran once again, and these bugs are really sucking the motivation out from under me. I'm currently sitting at 2404 ELO with two wins and one loss. Last set I had two of these crashes happen in the same set, but still managed to win one of those matches with dumb luck.

Is anyone else having this crashing issue? Anyone have a fix? Currently using a Fold 3.

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652 points · 2 days ago

Yeah it’s very convenient how many left wing activists, who monitor fascists and other right wing hate groups/individuals are having their accounts suspended.

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181 points · 2 days ago

Musk said he wouldn't let Alex Jones back on, but brought back Nick Fuentes who is pretty much the devil. He's trying to compete with Trumps TS for the largest conservative grifting market.

But seriously...get off Twitter. Even if Musk sold it, get off it. It's such a cancer

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64 points · 3 days ago

Here's the official House roll call vote. No surprise that Boebert would vote against this, given her husband's perverse behavior.

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1 point · 3 days ago

Why am i not surprised that every single no is republican?

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