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Official Subreddit of the ZClassic Community, promoting privacy and financial freedom through ZCL Cryptocurrency.
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Mainly focused on Bitcoin and welcomes any cryptocurrency related information. Feel free to post useful sites, news and events in the crypto scene.
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A subreddit to discuss Bitcoin Private. Like Bitcoin, but Private.
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The leading community for cryptocurrency news, discussion, and analysis.
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This sub is strictly focused on mining on the MiningPoolHub service.
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Welcome to the Coinomi Reddit page. Please keep discussion focused on Coinomi
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Posted by2 years ago
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Posted by5 years ago

UPDATE: Electrum has been released and we recommend using that wallet instead:


If you were previously using this wallet, when you first open it you can press new wallet from private keys which will allow you to import your private keys from your old wallet. The wallet.dat file from Eleos or Swing will NOT work with Electrum.


Some people report issues recovering private keys from Eleos. You may be able to use the following tool to get your private keys out. Thanks to community member Dwerg for developing this tool and BestServerNA for writing a useful guide on how to use it.


Our development team has put a great deal of effort into making this release happen along with approximately 100 wallet testers in our discord server helping us find and correct issues. You can find the release here. We have also put together 6 dedicated server nodes around the globe to ensure connectivity for all users with more to come! I will also continue to update the config file here if anyone is experiencing issues. I want to remind everyone that they should always test their wallets with small transactions first to ensure it is working properly before sending larger balances. Also, for troubleshooting you can ask questions here or go directly to our discord where there is a channel for each OS to help with troubleshooting with members of our community.


We want to be clear this is a beta wallet and still has issues, though it should install with relative ease and be able to store your ZCL. If you already have a working wallet, then you do not have any reason to use this one. It is an upgrade designed to work for the people who were unable to get the swing wallet working. Here are some issues noted in alpha testing that may be unresolved:


  1. You cannot import a private key into this wallet, though you can export it. The only way to import your wallet is with a wallet.dat file placed in C:\Users\Your-Username\AppData\Roaming\Zclassic. Also, when you export your private keys, please ensure you save it in .txt format. Also, the keys will look jumbled in notepad on Windows, but will look fine when opened with wordpad or equivalent. This may be the same case with the config file.

  2. Sometimes the program does not start properly on the first start up. Just exit and restart it.

  3. The sync status jumps around a lot when you first start the program. Please be patient, it will sync eventually.

  4. The Mac version only works on the latest version of Mac OS (High Sierra and Sierra) and will not work on older versions.

  5. The program is 64 bit and will not work on 32 bit OS.

  6. When sending funds, you must allow for a small transaction fee. If you send all funds out of the wallet with no fee, it will say the transaction was successful but nothing will have happened. Leave at least 0.0001 ZCL in the wallet to pay for a fee when performing transactions.

  7. You cannot run this wallet simultaneously with ZCash wallet or you will have significant trouble.

  8. Transparent addresses will not show in the "addresses" tab until a transaction has posted to it. Please make one in the "receive" tab and then use immediately.


If you found this post and wallet useful, please considering donating to our contribution/development team:

  • ZCL: t1gsePJZ6ojJYygj3PWMGJfojPUoMd5AVfU

  • BTC: 1CqSD9rxdQnKEwzqqbLwpgwCeQikFCifPj

  • LTC: LNYzDrUeX6PSecu4sL4eZkuJGaSXnf8GUH

  • BCH: 18g4pB7Hyf5BKopL7LSRghp3Qd79rHDitJ

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Posted by5 years ago
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Posted by5 years ago

I’ve been seeing a lot of repeated questions being asked every day so an updated FAQ/Megathread to address all of those questions will be detailed here. If we are missing something, please feel free to let us know and we will add it. We will try to edit this posting as more information becomes available.

Keep in mind the official Bitcoin Private Support portal has now been launched. We have a live chat feature to chat with support, as well as a knowledge base. Please visit the portal at and use the knowledge base’s search function before asking other users.

Snapshot/Fork FAQ

  • When is the snapshot date? Snapshot date will take place on February 28th 2018. The exact moment the snapshot will be taken WILL NOT be announced as a TIME, rather it will be announced as a specific block height. Whatever time happens to be when the block height occurs is whatever time the snapshot is taken. This is to address users who are asking for a specific time or time zone. Once the block height has been mined, the snapshot would have been successfully completed instantly. Users can choose to wait until the NEXT block after the snapshot block has been mined for peace of mind. Once again, the exact block height has not been announced yet. We can only estimate the exact block height as we get closer to the snapshot date. Announcements will come via posts on Reddit, Discord, Twitter/Facebook, Telegram and the official BitcoinPrivate Twitter account which is the primary source of all official announcements.

  • Why can't we announce a block height instead? Why did we choose to announce a date? Block height is not announced for a reason. Keep in mind this is a DOUBLE FORK. BTC and ZCL. 2 Block heights need to be announced. It's impossible to determine the exact block heights so far away from the snapshot date, because BTC and ZCL both have different block time intervals, and the total hashing power of the entire network of BTC and ZCL are changing so rapidly that it is extremely hard to determine a block height in advance, so we decided to pick a date for when we expect the snapshot block to occur instead. We need to determine the exact moment both block heights of BTC and ZCL will coincide in order to get an accurate and successful snapshot. Also, do not forget that 2 simulated snapshot runs have already been completed and validated by the team some time ago, so the process has already been proven.

  • When is the Hard fork date? The Hard fork will occur approximately 2 days after the snapshot, on March 2nd, 2018.

  • Is the snapshot on the 28th for ZClassic or for Bitcoin? The snapshot will be taken simultaneously for both ZCL and BTC. Block heights will be announced for both.

  • Do I need to hold my ZCL until the snapshot or fork? Snapshot. As soon as the snapshot occurs you are free to do whatever you like with your ZCL and you will still receive your BTCP.

  • What will happen to ZCL after the Bitcoin Private Fork? Current ZClassic's wallet server nodes (Electrum) will still continue to be supported after the fork, and the core dev team will be actively supporting BTCP, whereas the community can choose to further support development for ZCL.

  • How can I safely participate in the fork? There are certain safety/security concerns regarding participating in forks. I have addressed this topic here. Please make sure you give it a read.

Claiming BTCP Coins

  • How does Bitcoin Private rewards/claims work? BTCP Coins will be distributed on a 1:1 ratio. Example: (1 ZCL = 1 BTCP.) (1 Bitcoin = 1 BTCP.) (1 ZCL & 0.5 BTC = 1.5 BTCP.) The total combined amount of ZCL and BTC you own at the time of the snapshot will grant you eligibility to claim the same combined amount in Bitcoin Private. You do NOT need to hold a full amount of a coin. You can own partial amounts of ZCL/BTC.

  • Do I have to store my ZCL in transparent addresses or private addresses to participate in the fork? Any kind of address will be supported through the fork. However, as of Feb. 13, the ZCL electrum wallet only supports transparent addresses.

  • Are Segwit-enabled wallet addresses for Bitcoin (BTC) supported for the fork? We have confirmation that BTC being held on Segwit enabled addresses WILL BE supported through the fork.

  • How do I claim my BTCP? More information will become available as we get closer to the snapshot date. An official dedicated guide will be released. In summary, users will need to export a copy of their private key for the corresponding wallet/wallet addresses that hold their ZCL funds at the time of the snapshot. Users can then take the private key and import it into the Bitcoin Private Electrum wallet once it is released in order to claim their BTCP coins. The same goes for Bitcoin holders. **In case exchange(es) support will be announced, users will not need to do anything. The exchanges will automatically credit your account with BTCP. This may vary, so again, please stay tuned for official news regarding this.

BTCP/ZCL Exchange and Wallet Support

Donations and Contributions program

BTCP Mining

  • Can Bitcoin Private be mined, if so, could you provide details? Of course! It will be very similar to ZClassic. Bitcoin Private runs on the Equihash PoW algorithm. Because BTCP runs on Equihash, there WILL be ASIC resistance. The privacy algorithm will be run on zk-snarks. Block time will be every 2.5 Minutes (150 Seconds) with a block size of 2MB. Difficulty Adjustments will be made after every block. Replay Protection is also supported. There will be a 21 Million BTCP Supply WITHOUT a pre-mine.

  • Which pools can we mine Bitcoin Private on? Currently there are no announcements for pool support yet. More news will become available as we get closer to fork date. Most likely, majority of current pools that support mining ZClassic will support mining BTCP. Yet to be confirmed, stay tuned for announcements.

  • Is the team releasing any video/article tutorials to prepare for the fork? Yes, our content creation team is working hard to produce high quality video/article tutorials to assist users in preparing for the fork. The official BTCP Youtube channel can be found here. This is also where we stream our conferences live. More announcements on this is forthcoming.

  • What will be the opening price of Bitcoin Private? Just like every other coin (besides tether), the price will depend on the market and what people value it at.

Wallet Troubleshooting

Miscellaneous/BTCP Project Questions

Donate towards the BTCP contribution team, Your donations are 100% voluntary but they are much appreciated!

ZCL: t1gsePJZ6ojJYygj3PWMGJfojPUoMd5AVfU

BTC: 14Xmfm9jf4h1h4RXZBQCFK6i4LWibqWVPu


BTCP Related Important Links

For the official list of links from the BTCP Github, refer to the repo.

Just a re-iteration, the BTCP team has launched the support portal offering resources ranging from live support from our teams, as well as a knowledge base that is constantly being updated. Again, please feel free to let me know any questions that’s not currently listed above and we will do our best to answer and include it in the megathread.

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Posted by5 years ago

So I noticed a lot of people recently (including myself) are experiencing the error "Wallet daemon can not be run. Check if daemon does not already run" when trying to open up their ZCL Eleos wallet, and people are unable to access their funds or cannot export their private keys as well. A solution to this is now official (thanks to /u/JBrutWhat from the BTCP team for helping me out on this.) Note: Post is being edited as more info becomes available to me.

This solution also works for users who are on the ZClassic Swing wallet experiencing the error "A general unexpected critical error has occurred: error: Couldn't connect to server, see the console output for more detailed error information!."

Eleos Wallet Troubleshooting section

  • The Wallet.dat file from the Eleos wallet or Swing wallet DOES NOT work with Zclassic electrum, so we are going to import the private key of the wallet into electrum instead.

  • Navigate to the c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\zclassic folder and copy the wallet.dat file from there, back it up somewhere.

  • Download the entire .zip of the walletaid tool from this github repo. The tool has been forked from the original dev /u/Dwerg1 officially by the BTCP team and has been confirmed to be legitimate according to /u/JBrutWhat (instructions on how to operate the walletaid tool wasn't clear or in-depth to some users.)

  • Download & Install python 2.7 and select "Add python.exe to Path" during installation

  • Extract the .ZIP file somewhere

  • Paste the wallet.dat you backed up earlier into the same folder as the walletaid tool folder

  • Right click the config.ini file and edit the file using notepad or notepad++ or your own text editor

  • remove the "#" symbol from the zclassic sections under "#Pubkeyprefix list" and "#privkeyprefix list"

  • copy the text "1cb8" and replace the "00" under the pubkeyprefix section under "[settings]" at the top

  • Doubleclick the file and press enter. Let it create the entire file with ALL the wallet addresses from your wallet.dat file. Or you could paste in the exact address you want and it should export a foundkeys.txt file into the walletaid directory. (The extract keys.bat file doesn't always work. It didn't work for me.) NOTE: If the script opens and instantly closes, this is because your wallet.dat file has a different name. Please rename your wallet file back to "wallet.dat" for compatibility.

  • Open up the foundkeys.txt file and it should list out every detected address and it's corresponding private key from your wallet.dat file you pasted in earlier

  • Do a ctrl + F and paste in the wallet address that contains your funds.

  • Locate the wallet address you are looking for and it's corresponding private key. We'll come back to this later.


ZClassic Electrum Wallet

  1. Create a new standard wallet and restore the 2FA wallet using your "seed" codes. DO NOT password protect this wallet.

  2. Disable the 2FA feature when presented with the option.

  3. Navigate to C:/Users/YOUR-NAME/AppData/Roaming/Electrum-zcl/wallets. Open the new standard wallet file with Notepad.

  4. You will need to gather the 2 private keys and one public key. To find this easily, press “CTRL+F” and search for “xprv”. Copy the 2 “xprv” values as well as the last “xpub” value. You will need these in a later step.

  5. Create a new “Multi-signature wallet”. Select “From 3 co-signers” on the first slider. Select “Require 2 signatures” on the second slider.

  6. To add the first co-signer, click “Use public or private keys”. Enter the first xprv key in this box.

  7. Add the second co-signer via a private key also.

  8. Add the third co-signer with the public key. Complete the set-up.

  9. Your wallet funds now have the ability to be sent from the multi-signature wallet.

  • It's recommended by the BTCP team to switch over to the ZCLASSIC Electrum wallet ASAP as the Eleos wallet has become unstable now. The original ZClassic swing wallet is reported to still be working. Up to you whether or not to use the electrum wallet, but I'd personally recommend it.

  • Download Link to Zclassic electrum wallet (v1.0.3 latest version) (Grab the latest file for windows users)

  • Open up the wallet and create a new wallet, then when it gives you the option to import private keys, paste in your appropriate private key from the foundkeys.txt file we generated earlier.

  • Afterwards, your wallet should have successfully migrated your wallet into the ZCL electrum wallet. There's currently a synchronization issue upon first boot of the wallet, so close and re-open it again and you should be fine. If not, try closing the electrum wallet, navigate to "c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\Electrum-zcl folder and delete the "blockchain_headers file, as initial download of the blockchain headers sometimes initially fails. Then restart the wallet and you should be fine, according to the dev team.

  • Users of older ZCL electrum wallets before version 1.0.3 should download the latest version. I was on the older version (1.0.0 and noticed my wallet wouldn't sync.) So I upgraded to the latest version and wallet has successfully synced.

  • Also make sure to encrypt your electrum wallet by clicking the little settings icon at the bottom right.

For Users who were already using the Electrum wallet beforehand, you can go to file > new/restore wallet > next > import zclassic private keys and input the private key you obtained from the walletaid tool, and it should import the wallet into the electrum wallet. Then from there, go to file > backup wallet and export a copy of the wallet.dat file onto an offline USB.

  • Side notes: ZCL-Electrum wallet Does support mining directly to it. More ZCL Electrum servers will be added along with newer releases soon. Another note: Every time you want to migrate funds from one address to another, test it with a small amount first before proceeding with the full amount. BTCP Team has also partnered with Coinomi to release a wallet supporting ZCL and BTCP after the hard fork occurs.

Reminder: Backup and delete the private keys file from your desktop pc/hard drive, move it into an offline USB for safekeeping. Do not leave it on an online device.

Donate to me if you found the guide useful! Your donations 100% voluntary but they are greatly appreciated and keep us going!

ZCL: t1fkxCWJs3f2oXznGwZuEgftJ2SCjYZ8VjZ

BTC: 14Xmfm9jf4h1h4RXZBQCFK6i4LWibqWVPu

LTC: LhAERgWcjbbXQbGqjhy4owALGhwfpj1aw2

ETH: 0xe723305337926e1fcb5dd0495e6648569a252c13

BCH: 1JXqLHqjYH8bew38AXwEt9dmKvsdYwLtvr


(You can join the discord rooms where there are channels for users looking for help)

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Posted by5 years ago

We have released the Electrum wallet which you can find here:


This is an old wallet which we do not recommend for new users. Please use the electrum wallet. I am leaving the guide here just in case it proves to be useful for someone.


Please make sure you install the latest version of java before proceeding:


New Install, Even Faster and Easier

Download the following Zip file from our GitHub and follow the installation instructions within:


Once installed, please do the following to become a full node and help with connections

In order to become a full node, you will need to open port 8133 on your router firewall. You can check if your port is open here. For me, I was able to do this by navigating my browser to the router setting page and find the advanced settings to open port 8133 and then also set my IP for my computer running the node to static. Fact is that every router is different so I cannot teach you how to do this for your router, you will likely need to google it or search around for the proper settings. I hope that everyone will take the time to do this so we can fix our connectivity issues.


Alternative Install from Walter S: THIS IS EXPERIMENTAL, USE AT OWN RISK. Run this installer as administrator or it will not work! This also downloads the blockchain when installing.


Blockchain download up to Dec 3, 2017

Using this will allow for faster syncing and connections will occur faster as well, I highly recommend using it. People who are having trouble connecting quickly will benefit greatly from this. Just drop the files and folders inside into C:\Users\Your-Username\AppData\Roaming\Zclassic\!Z2Q10SwL!2rO71p9a4Z7MYrQCZmfh8r-vI9o4QRdymdbrgM3CFrY


Please let me know if you need anymore help. Also, please consider a donation if this guide helped you! I have plenty of student debt to pay off :-P

  • ZCL: t1M8eGqYqBGSWdHowEFKQq42qo9u6rsioCJ

  • BTC: 1LSqoKd67HS9kzg1KumxgXnSK1e8KTzfz5

  • BCH: 1Jc8fom2UQvrt6GN1f3X9PRxPhG9uu94sA


-JBrutWhat aka BlueSilver



  • I get the error "The wallet will not open or gives me the following error: For input string: "0,02". What should I do?" From user Lockalyo: 'I found the cause and the solution for this problem. You have another date and number format set in Windows. The reason is that the decimal symbol in US is "." (dot) and in other languages it is comma ",". So the GUI gives you error because it expects dot, but gets comma as delimiter. The specified number is actually the sync percent of the chain - 0.02 for brand new installation and over 90.1 in case you downloaded the chain from the link in description.'

  • Why can't I get any connections?! See information here and firewall instructions above. I added a new zclassic.conf file to the github release with significantly more nodes and will continue to update daily for people to grab if they are having issues connecting; you will find the latest config file here. At any time if you are having trouble connecting, please go here to see a list of active nodes and add them (along with :8133 at the end or [node address]:8133 for non-IP nodes) to your zclassic.conf file to ensure better connection.

  • Every time I open the wallet, it has to resync from a previous date, why is that? Please use “stop_wallet.bat” to stop the wallet and not just close it. This will prevent the resync from occurring as well as stop it from starting with “activating best chain” each time you open the wallet. Thanks to OwlHonda for discovering the fix.

  • How do I backup my private key and wallet? For the private key, go to the GUI wallet, press wallet > show private key and write this down in a safe place. For the wallet.dat file, navigate to C:\Users\YOUR-USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Zclassic\ and grab the wallet file to be backed up in your location of choice.

  • The wallet will not open or gives me the following error: For input string: "0,02". What should I do? This did not happen in the old installer, nor is it happening for me. My only solution is for you to use the old method below. The file size is too large to put on github so I uploaded it to google drive. Follow the instructions included.

  • The software does not allow me to back up the wallet or private key. First, you can back up the private key by pressing wallet > show private key and writing it down. To back up the wallet file, go to C:\Users\Your-Username\AppData\Roaming\ZClassic\ and copy the wallet.dat file to somewhere safe to back it up.


Old Installation Method

Download this and following the instructions included.

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Posted by3 years ago