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Subreddit to discuss all content related to the upcoming indie game, Planetbase.
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Hello there! This is a subreddit focused on base building computer games. If you came here for real estate or fitness advice, you might be in the wrong place.
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Have you ever wanted to buy a game on Steam but didn't know if it was good? Have you ever had just enough money for an indie game but didn't know whether it was worth buying? Have you ever asked yourself, "Should I buy this game?"
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Planet-Based Diet - Eat for the Earth
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Posted by27 days ago
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Posted by9 months ago

Hello all,

After a fairly long hiatus from Planetbase modding I am pleased to announce the release of a compatibility mod for the Planetbase Framework that allows for the loading and running of JPFarias-style mods. For those of you familiar with the Minecraft modding scene, this is essentially a mod that would allow Forge and Fabric mods to be ran as the same time. With it, you can now take advantage of the features provided by the Planetbase Framework, while still using older mods.

The Planetbase Framework has the following advantages over the original mod patcher:

  • Increased stability. There are very few cases where a mod (even older mods with the new compatibility layer) can crash the game.

  • Support for new buildings, characters, modules, ships, and anything else that uses a 3D model.

  • A library of software (C#) functions the allow for more easily creating mods.

  • Technical mod making support. If you have a specific technical question regarding how to do something, I can probably answer it for you if you contact me via one of the methods here.

Get the new mod here:

Posted by1 year ago

Apparently once you more than 10k coins it just registers as 'infinite.' I got up to 100k, but once my base hit about 600 colonists and 800 robots it started lagging on even 1x speed. I think the constant robot flow of vegetables from my farming complex to the engineering, working, and medic / soldier / tourism complexes just caused too much lag.

It was a constant stream of robots moving in and out, I had 4 robotics facilities with 8 charging stations in different areas of the base. 1 connecting to all the airlocks at the spaceport, 1 connecting to all the airlocks at the mining area, 1 on the path in / out of the bio dome region, and 1 in / out of the path into the engineering center.

I found out that if you have your engineers working efficiently then 1 robotics facility with 8 machines making carrier robots supports a little over 100 robots. Having this many robots made trading a breeze - I was routinely sending out hundreds of items and clearing every trader of useful items / money - for no reason really, I just wanted to see how much money I could get.

I couldnt seem to get many colonists coming in after about 600, I would take attacks and lose a few guards and that slows the rate of working colonists coming in. Also, the overall lag made things annoying to expand, id done the whole game in 4x speed so with the size of the base and latency involved with construction it got really annoying to continue when it was lagging in 1x speed.

I think if I did this again the same overall structure would work well, what I might include is making sure to have an even larger region for spaceports that are close, the tourism money is so good for easy it is. I think I would have 2 canteens and 2 bars and 1 biodome near the spaceport, just after the security area, as well as 3 med bays and labs for medics. you also want I think 2-3 dorms near this area so your guards stay close. I had about half this and it worked really well but I think I could have gotten more money if tourists had even more options for food / bar. the 1 canteen / bar ends up mostly being for the guards , so another one is good for the tourists.

as far as ratios go , I found having almost no engineers is good at the start, focusing on workers / biologists / medics in order to sell medical supplies from a starter base and work on getting your techs so you can build big. something like 40% worker 30% biologist 10% engineer 20% medic.

then late game it completely changes, you need just about 20 soldiers imo, 5%, medics are also 0-5% at this point, medical supplies just maintain the visitors mostly, or the occasional accident. biologist is good to stay at 30% if you have them working efficiently, but its the worker / engineer ratio thats wild and changes to be 15% worker 45% engineer. (Making all those robot, next time more guns instead).

Posted by2 years ago

I have played over 1000 hours and still sometimes continue to play this game. Right now I am mostly experimenting with creating new challenges and mods. I've also written several dozen Planetbase guides.

I love the concept of the game very much. I used to like this game so much that I bought it and gave it to my friends.

But now I no longer recommend this game to anyone to buy.


a) over the years, many new interesting games have been released on this topic.

b) the authors of the game purposefully destroy the community of the game and are against its development. On the Steam forum, the developer bans the most active fans of the game and mod developers so that they no longer write their requests to improve the game.

The game was good and promising, but with limited content. Many fans of the game were ready to help with development and programming for free. It is a pity that an inadequate developer ruined all hopes for its development.

I wrote more about this in MY BIG REVIEW OF THE GAME on Steam here. I would be grateful if you read this review and share your feedback.

Posted by2 years ago
Posted by2 years ago

I got addicted easily, and spent days upon days just playing it when discovered the game:) The save file with my colony:

Here's a note on meal production: I never used meat, mainly produced vegetables, and I had only one case of malnutrition in the whole history of the colony (an outlier). Although my calculations were based on wrong data I think, and probably were wrong themselves, they ended up being successful in this regard:)

Number of pads per biodome (24 pads total):

  • GMTomatoes – 4

  • GMOnions, Lettuce – 3

  • Every other food plant – 2

I'm gonna be trying another food strategy next time:)

Also, I used only small cabins, just because I wanted to create a "luxury" colony:D And I definitely overdid the energy, water and oxygen:D

EDIT: Now that I think about it, the simple approach of "a little bit of everything" when it comes to meals – is the thing that should work fine, because my colony is eating practically only salads, and it is pretty much okay.

Posted by2 years ago

Mod name: ComponentManager
Mod site:
About this mod: This mod allows the user to edit the component's properties. Even the "mProduction" property, which will allow you to set the output of the components.

Read more about Tahvohck's mod engine: