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Hi, Wyoming,

I'm writing this to you and 12 other states where abortion is illegal but allows for ballot initiatives.

I think that 2022 proved abortion right are very popular and very few people want the procedure banned. It kicked ass in Kansas, Kentucky and Michigan and vastly outperformed Pew polls which said that Kansas is about 50-50 on the issue while Kentucky considerably more anti-choice.

You are one of the states that allows ballot initiative. Several questions:

  1. How do you think it would fare?

  2. Do you think it's possible that the referendum will happen in spite of the Republicans trying to prevent that?

  3. If it passes, do you think that something can be done to make it actually kick in, in spite of Republicans trying to prevent that?

I know that Republicans have bad habit of ignoring the voice of the people who voted for or against certain referendum, so I definitely wish you lots of luck.

Also, I'm worried that Dobbs decision gave anti-choicers a victory hangover and they got complacent at the polls and that this may not be the case in 2 years and they will do much better ground game to out-vote pro-choice crowd. This is not to mention that huge part is campaign contributions.

In cases of Kentucky and Kansas, as well as Michigan, pro-choice side vastly out-funded the anti-choice side, which is big advantage. This was also the case in Tennessee in 2014 and Alabama in 2018, when the anti-choicers got their way, which really scares the shit out of me. Don't you worry that whoever runs for president will affect that? I really hope that the nominees are not Biden and deSantis. Biden needs to let someone much younger to take after him and deSantis might be the one Republican to win. Trump is in so much shit, that he would bless the Democrats with his campaign and help women to win their rights back.

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As of this post, r/Wyoming has 23,223 members, passing Rock Springs (census population of 23,196) to become the fifth largest town in Wyoming!

Next up are Laramie (31,659) and Gillette (32,884) in fourth and third places, respectively.


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