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I like writing, but not reading.

That's it, in a nutshell. Any way to get good at writing without the habit of reading or it is useless to avoid it? Yes, it is a strange thing to ask (and to have) but i guess i am a strange guy. Perhaps i am only choosing the wrong books or am in a strange time in my life, but i still hope for some advice,if you can. Update:

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Guys -- I shouldn’t have to say this but Garth Merenghi (who has 'written more than [he's] read' is a fictional character.

Even if you know this, posting on the internet doesn't show any body language, so people will take you at your word. You can't hear sarcasm, so best not to quote Marenghi at all.

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Have you ever considered writing for something that isn’t a novel or short story? You may be a storyteller, but you haven’t found your medium yet. Board games, ttrpgs, video games, tv, movies, theater, etc, etc all use writers. Surely you enjoy one of those mediums. Have you tried writing for that?

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Generally reading is still instrumental in those mediums. Like reading screenplays is essential to writing them well.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

I never have thought of that, thank you! I do not have the oportunites, but i'll look into other medias.

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Yet, reading is so fundamental to doing this properly. I don't doubt OP might enjoy those, but he'll miss out on a lot of things regarding this hobby if he does not read.

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That is the answer. Sometimes people are creative. They just didn't found the right way to direct that creative energy.


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Reading is a muscle. Work your way up even if it's only one page per day to start.

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Maybe he should try different forms of reading. Using variety like audiobooks, screenplay, or trying different positions/places to read can help him find his niche.

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Agreed. Like any skill it needs to be developed little by little over time.

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If you want to write for fun, as a hobby, you don’t need to read. You can improve at your own pace using other methods like consuming other media types or taking classes. I hate watching any kind of sport but I like playing sports with friends when the weather is nice. There is absolutely nothing wrong with writing primarily as a hobby. It’s still fun and you can still improve at it without reading.

If you want to take writing in a professional direction, you do really need to read (or listen to audiobooks). There is such a vast array of different writing techniques, so many different ways to combine them, that nothing can replace reading and studying books as a source of craft knowledge, plus, knowing the current market also plays a role in becoming a professional.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

I guess that i do not have a time limit on me, so i can, at least for now, keep is as a hobby and improve at my own pace. Thanks you for you suggestion.

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“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut… If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write.”

—Stephen King

In other words, yes it's very strange for someone to claim to love to write, but to dislike the results of writing. It'd be like a chef saying they hate to eat. Or a Bob Ross saying he hates paintings.

Are you trying to say you prefer to write? If so that's perfectly understandable. If you're trying to say you don't like diving into 'classics' that everyone insists are 'must reads' that's also understandable. (Dracula nearly bored me to tears as a child even though I love vampire stories.). If you're saying you don't like novels or pure text, again, that's understandable. Reading comics, manga, or graphic novels is still reading. But not reading at all?

I am confusion.

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I was about to drop this same quote. I revisit On Writing yearly, and it always gets me inspired.

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Something that's the source of a lot of confusion in this sub is that there are two types of writers here. People who just enjoy writing for the sake of it, even if they might not care about reading, and people who write for an audience, for whom reading is a necessity if they wish for their audience to appreciate their work.

The two often have a great deal of overlap in terms of how they think and do things. But, when they don't overlap, you get this post and these comments.