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The Dutch right wing broadcaster Ongehoord Nederland has been fined some €93,000 for breaking the public broadcasting sector’s journalistic code of ethics by spreading wrongful information and not differentiating between fact and opinion

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For all Americans commenting that the same should be done to Foxnews: this is not a fine to a private company. The Dutch government doesn't play arbiter on what private individuals can or cannot say (and it shouldn't, as it would go against our constitutional right to free speech).

However, this is a heavily subsidized entity and they are made to return a small part of that subsidy (2.5%), for not adhering to strict quality standards, which seems reasonable.

Edit: isn't it ironic that the government is providing millions in subsidies to right wing extremists to air their bullshit on public television, and now they're screaming murder when a small part of that is taken back?

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Indeed, piggybacking on the top comment to mention that the Netherlands has three public broadcasting channels and their air time is divided between various organisations, as a leftover from a politically segregated time (Protestantism, Socialism, Catholic(ism), and liberal(ism)). Each group had their own newspapers, radio stations and public networks.

Nowadays these three channels are split based on number of members. So, basically, whenever you feel like you're political and cultural views aren't represented in the current organisations, you can start your own if you can muster enough members.

More info.

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To add, NPO (Dutch public broadcaster) has strict standards in regards to reporting the news and anyone under them that tries to spread misinformation or state an opinion as a fact can be fined.

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When they tried to sue Fox News, Fox then argued that no sensible educated person takes Tucker Carlson seriously.

If there was any justice in this world Tucker would be forced to repeat this claim by Fox News every night at the start of his "Tucker Carlson Tonight" show, they could probably slip it in between his talking points where he says Pfizer Vaccine kills people instead of protecting them, Horse dewormer is the right tool for Covid and the part where he repeat Kremlin talking points before he has butt sex with Putin.

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on what private individuals can or cannot say

But they can regulate that they NEED to specify if it’s fact or opinion. There are plenty of government regulations on how different professions can or can not operate. You can’t pretend to be doctor and hurt people, same with FOX they can’t pretend to be news. So it’s less about what they say it’s more about as who they are saying it.

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Thanks. I understand. Still tho. Do fox next. :(

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In the US there used to be similar recourse where there was a license to broadcast and it would be revoked if false information was being broadcasted. I think it was around Nixon when it was removed as a requirement.

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Didn’t it used to be a law that all news had to share both sides of a story and it was taken away in the 70s or 80s?

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Because the right wing, regardless of geographic location, practices snowflakeism the same way sane people breathe.

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I don’t think we had just Fox News in mind but actually all major news outlets. They all do the same thing for their chosen party.


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A journalistic code of ethics sounds pretty good right now.

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Kinda like something’s that is about fairness in reporting. They should make it a doctrine!


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