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What would you add to Valheim?

HI! I was talking to my friends yesterday abt what would be cool to add to the game, and I wanted to know what the community would add to the game?

I´d add a Bear in meadows for an early game miniboss experience (simiar to Troll, maybe not so many hitpoints, but a challenge eitherway), one dwarf in each biome (so you HAVE TO travel trhough the entire map to find them), a flying hippogriff type creature in ashlands that you can mount and use to travel after (similar to WOW), and def some magic of some sort, also related to each biome (F.E. you can find a poison magic in black forest, an ice thing in mountains, fire in ashlands, etc.

What would you add?

Edit: DUUUDE, you ppl have some really cool ideas!! I hope some Devs see this and can add some of them to the endgame. Thank you all for sharing!

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· 2 mo. ago

I wouldn't mind more furniture types or just varieties to existing building parts, like better looking fence, chiseld and carved walls, painted wood etc.

I'd love to customise my longship's sail and display shields on its sides.

I would really like to obtain wax from the hives, to use it on wooden components of some building, preventing them from corroding (sort of how in Minecraft you can wax copper blocks).

An option or tool to take apart items so you can get back the material from them. For example you don't need troll hide armour anymore, you could un-craft it, to get the hide back.

I like the idea of a bear. Perhaps you could tame it with honey or fish. Or it could drop crafting materials like it's hide and claws, from witch you could craft some sort of berserker gear.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

The wax idea is really cool! its so annoying to have all the wood corroding over time, this may be a solution!

It would be awesome to tame the bear and MOUNT IT. So badass running around witha goddam bear

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And wax could also be used to make candles, small light source but that it would last significantly longer than normal fire/torches. Basically trading strenght of light for it's duration.

Yes bears... I want bears in all biomes, just different types x.x

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I want a badass bone throne made out lots of bone fragments, crystal, and some iron.

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· 2 mo. ago

I wonder if they are going to put a polar bear in the Frozen North.

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Cake day · 2 mo. ago · edited 2 mo. ago

These all are great ideas! I think about the painted wood one like every day because I am building a Tudor style base (vanilla), and I would love to have painted wood. Also, brick, leaded glass, and stained glass.

Edited to add that I know that this is set in the Viking Age, so some of these materials would be anachronistic, but I can still dream. Plus, I’d like to be able to tame all of the food-source animals.

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Every single thing on this list exists in mods. I know you mean you want it in the base game. But the fact that others spent the time to create this content shows these are good ideas


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· 2 mo. ago

I'd die for more options in the roof like just half segments and a bigger choice for the angles

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a half segment roof is such a no-brainer I wonder why we don't have it. like half in length and width too.


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I'm still jumping up and down for horses/some kinda early rideable/tameable beast of burden so I can build a stables for it and get it to pull my cart.

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"Odinhorse" is the mod for you friend! Tamable horses with cart capabilities :)

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There's a mod for that!

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Digging caves and underground buildings.

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one way to do this would be a stone plate that serves as a new starting point for "raise ground".

basically targeting the stone plate with a hoe doesnt raise the ground below it, only on top of it.

idk if the engine would support this but it sounds doable.


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