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Some Valheim memes my husband and I made.

  • r/valheim - Some Valheim memes my husband and I made.

We’ve logged over 100 hours and plan to log many more! Hope you enjoy the memes!

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The memes are good but i never realized how many people want to teleport ore. I personally prefer it this way so it puts focus on use of the boats.

Boating with my friends was some of the most fun we had.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

Every time my husband was at the helm steering he would lose the wind. When I was steering I always magically had the wind behind us 😂

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It can get tedious

If you really want to teleport ore without mods you can do it with a second server

Pick up all ore

Change server, dump in chest

Change server, take portal with no ore

Change server pick up ore from chest

Change server - ore has now gone through portal

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I actually have a suggestion for this:

After killing Elder you can teleport Copper, Tin and Bronze, After Bonemass Iron etc...

That way you need to haul a bit yourself and play as intended, but later you can speed up your game!

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Guys, I'm old. Like really old. No, older than that.

Because I'm old, I was already an adult when WoW was released. And like everyone else, I was hyped for the release of flying mounts in TBC. Riding through bullshit territory getting dismounted by mobs that weren't even challenging sucked. Getting ganked getting to your farming spots sucked. Skipping all that was nothing short of breathtaking.

Also like everyone else, I eventually realized that flying mounts were a mistake. See, a video game is just a skinner box. You hit a button, you get a reward. Your reward is a small bit of dopamine. Now if it's literally just "hit a button, get a reward", it gets old quickly. So game developers restrict things a bit. Sometimes, it's very restrictive. Megaman 2's Flash Man or Heat Man stages are good examples. You have to hit the right buttons in the right order very precisely. Mining copper is vaguely restrictive. There are a lot of options for copper nodes and you can mine it with antler pickaxes or just get trolls to do the work for you. There are a lot of combinations of button presses that get you to the reward.

Some of the forced engagement in Valheim is irritating. When you're in full padded armor, having to stop every 15 seconds to kill a pack of grey dwarves is lame. Dying to fall damage is lame. Spending half an hour sailing across the same stretch of ocean because the wind hates you is lame. And getting rid of those things is even more lame, because those are what make survival mode work. Farming thousands of wood or stone isn't "fun" per se, but somehow it's more satisfying to build something in survival than in creative. It holds its engagement even longer, so in a broad sense, it's "fun". So is carting ore around. It pushes engagement you otherwise would avoid, and if you avoid all that engagement, what are you actually doing with your time? Finding ways to work around restrictions is better than not having the restrictions at all. So you build a longboat instead of a karve, because the karve is easier to maneuver but the longboat carries a lot more iron. You set up a small camp at the copper node because while you're mining, you might as well be smelting some of that shit. It extends the playability of the game, even though it feels lame. So yeah, I'm all about not portaling ore. You don't need the quantities that you do for wood and stone - I could see how it would be too much of a slog if there was no fast travel at all because those resources would require multiple trips.

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Yeah, teleport ores and suddenly half of the features becomes useless including the "expeditions" unofficial mechanic that makes this game unique and makes it stand out. Allowing to teleport ores is a plan to instantly make the game mediocre and unremarkable

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Or dragons can be tamed we could carry a load with them.

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Eh, if you're a solo player the boat rides are just tedious busy work. You can't turn away because the wind shifts and serpents slither, but you also aren't being actively engaged. With friends you can chat and play around as you aren't the only one watching. Though the thing that finally broke me and got me to install mods so I could teleport ore is the swamp. I hate the place with a passion. Now I can just plop a portal down right on top of the crypt and be done with it. For the most part I don't even overly teleport other ores as for the most part I set up camp on site. Even tin wasn't a challenge for me because my latest map had a really long stretch of dark forest coastline. So I just set up a portal on the far end and ran back towards base, mining as much as I could carry each time.

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Travel time isn't gameplay and sailing least of all. Going through a teleporter requires just as much engagement and player skill as waiting for an incredibly slow boat to move forward at the mercy of RNG wind.

If you want the same experience with a teleporter use a die to randomly set a timer every time you teleport and leave your PC for that amount of time after using it

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Boating with my friends was some of the most fun we had.

Carting and creating roads was one of the most fun things ive done with friends in a game ever

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Exactly the provides convenience but not at the expense of adventure

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Yeah basically no reason for the boats to even have storage on them if you aren't transporting ore back. Lol I'm glad the default is no more teleport. It's easy to add for ppl who want it.

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Automation is what took the soul out of games like Minecraft. It is frustrating how people can't see that

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· 2 mo. ago

Sometimes I'm into it other times not so much. I wish ore didn't weight quite so much or you had more carry capacity tbh


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