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Valheim becoming somewhat of a grind, am I doing something wrong?

I've started playing Valheim few days ago. It started as an enjoyable game but recently I'm having less and less fun and I feel like I'm just grinding. I have managed to make some bronze and make some bronze armor (which is great) but I'm having trouble with resource gathering. My current playing 'mode' is the following:

  1. Kill Eikthyr twice to get some bones for pick-axes (3-4 pickaxes)

  2. Use all pickaxes to get some tin and copper

  3. Make Bronze

  4. Make bronze axe

  5. Kill few monsters ... axe is usually close to breaking

  6. If not already annoyed go to 1

  7. If annoyed make flint axe and upgrade as much as possible

  8. Kill few monsters ... axe is usually close to breaking

  9. Waste time running around hunting boars to get some leather scraps and run around water to find some flint

  10. Might even have enough leather scraps to make a bow ... lucky me

  11. It takes more time to hunt enough boars then to mine tin and bronze... go to 1

That's about it. I'm not even bothering to explore that much since I'm always collecting resource to build weapons. I realize its a resource gathering game but I never found other such games so grindy (Terraria, Minecraft, Don't starve).

Any tips or is the game just not for me?

I'm playing solo.

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My friend. Please repair your weapons at your workbench.

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Also make a cauldron with tin

A whole new world of food awaits you

Also troll skin armour is as good as bronze armour

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Haha the first time I played I set aside a corner of my base to discard my used tools. Discovering the repair mechanic definitely changed the game for me

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I'm honestly unsure how someone could get to bronze without even accidentally hitting the repair button. I think this may be satire.

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*My brother in Odin

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OP played too much breath of the wild

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Op · 3 mo. ago

Yea, now I know :)

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Haha I didn't know you could do that till I got metal weapons

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I have to wonder what's happening to all of the broken ones. I like to think there's a pit somewhere just filled with broken axes

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Metal items can be repaired at the forge. Wood, stone, or bone items can be repaired at the workbench.

When you walk up to and select your workbench, there will be a small Hammer icon attached to the left of the workbench menu. That’s the “repair” button

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Op · 3 mo. ago

Thank you. I did not know that.

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You know you can repair tools, right?

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I swear that crow/raven tells you this but I guess people just close the dialogue box and never know what they missed on lol

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Op · 3 mo. ago

No I did not know that.

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He just unlocked a new hardcore survival mode category. 100%, no repairs

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I was thinking the exact same thing haha OP gonna be enjoying the game a lot more now knowing you can repair weapons and tools 🙈🙈

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Op · 3 mo. ago

Now I do.

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Wow man, you’re playing on hard mode


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