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Where stories about tree law are discussed, but no legal advice is given.


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I just moved into a new to me house in AZ in a HOA. It clearly states no new Indian rosewood trees are allowed to be planted in the HOA rules. This went into effect in 2019. My neighbor who has been here since before 2019 has a grandfathered in rosewood in his front yard. He just planted 2 new Indian rosewoods in his back yard. I want to approach him and talk to him about the trees, but don’t know him well at all. How should I approach this with him? Also, what kind of liability will he have if the trees damage the other neighbors’ and my properties. There are two pools not too far from where they were planted on other sides of shared cinder block walls.

These trees’ roots are well known to be destructive, and it is the whole reason they were banned from the HOA in 2019.

I want to use possible liability to help convince him to remove them without having to get the HOA involved.

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Our neighbor had a chain link fence (at best right on the property line, realistically going back and forth across it, - we don't care about that). They planted bushes and trees just a few inches from the fence and spaced too close together several years ago. That was not great for us as we have been the ones having to keep the overgrowth trimmed off the fence to keep it from falling into our yard (and also it has benefited us as we have dogs and it's helped keep them contained. -- so again... was tolerable). This year they decided to put in a privacy fence - they cut the bushes and trees to a couple of inches above ground, did not tear out the chain link and had the privacy fence built on the other side of the stumps. So all stumps were between chain link and new fence. He told be that they weren't taking the chain link out because it's extra protection for their dogs. Fast forward to all those stumps are growing like mad and I'm at a loss. I'm thinking the only thing we can really do legally is to keep the crap trimmed so that it's not past the chain link? They will be ignoring it completely since it's behind their new privacy fence. I don't feel like we can even just put up our own privacy fence as this growth will likely just destroy it anyway. If he would have just come to us prior we would have contributed 1/2 the costs and done this right. Any ideas or thoughts?

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We have a neighbor behind our yard with a mature tree that is mostly on his property. We bought the house about 2 years ago and haven't had a survey, so I'm just assuming this here. The wooden fence that surrounds our yard is clearly ours, as I can see evidence of chain link fence posts about a half a foot behind our fence in his yard. This tree that's on his property has grown so much that the base of it has caused the nails to come loose from our fence posts and most of the back fence is being pushed farther and farther into our yard with time. Assuming I can get a survey to confirm what I'm assuming to be true, what are my options here?

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So my backyard connects to the city pipe line and there is many trees that extend past both our property lines. There was a branch extending into his lilac bush and we told him to just cut the encroaching branch instead he cut the tree from the base and now has left a huge hole in our tree line and exposed our gardens to direct sun. Could he have legally have cut down a full tree not on his property. He also started this without informing us at all and caught him in the middle and tried to compromise. What can I do about this?

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I'm 16, and today I had my driving test (which I failed because there was a stop sign that was entirely obscured by an overhanging tree that I blew past). Is it legal for me to cut off the section of the tree that's blocking the stop sign in the state of Utah? I would like to do it so other people don't make the same mistake I did, and partially out of spite.


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