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TOMT: When you can't remember that…thing…


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I don't post on reddit often, but this is my last hope. So I honestly don't remember any of the lyrics or the tune BUT I drew a small little storyboard for it without lyrics years ago, and it's the only reason I remember the song. Storyboard - storyboard I made a lil vocaroo thing (never done this before) bad With pretty much the extent of what I remember about it. Something about the singer sitting in their room writing to old s/o and how they remember them confessing under a tree at their old spot but then one of them leaves and now those words are for somebody new. For the longest time I thought it was eraser dust by Yotam Perel, but as far as I've looked it isn't any song by him. If my memory serves me right it has that same kinda vibe, or something like twin sized mattress or Saint Bernard. I listen to mostly indie stuff, on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. Probably from the 2010s (more than likely 2016 or newer) but could also be 2000s. I know this isn't much to go off of, but I would really appreciate the help. Edit: The most concrete thing I can remember is the line where the character says something along the lines of "but those words are for somebody new" (10th panel first slide, 7th on the second) I've Googled just about every variation I can think of. "Those words belong to someone new/else/somebody else" "You don't say them to me anymore" "those words aren't for me anymore" Panel 1+2 is definitely about the person in their room, maybe writing songs? 3-5 is hazy 6 is about meeting in their spot 7-9 something along the lines of "I remember those words you said to me" 10 "somebody new" 11-18 One of the characters leaving. 19-21 Again, hazy 22-23 the chorus, "I remember those words, for somebody else" blah blah blah

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So I watched this movie when i was a kid. I watched it at 1 am and i remember it being soo bad and for some reason, i have an urge to watch it again as an adult and understand it. I only have vague recollections of the characters but i assume that i know a fair amount of the story. So the story goes as follows.

So the movie is American and is defienetly old. I watched it at 1 am on tv in between 2014-2017 but I would say that the movie was produced maybe before 2012 and maybe more likely 2000s or even before that in the 90's. it is a horror movie or a thriller, I can't categorize it.

The movie starts with a man his wife (they have only one son who is a teen ) and his friends sitting and sipping drinks at night. And one of his friends begins talking about about a trick that hospitals do. They perform on you the wrong surgery. (this surgery is on a vein, maybe in his hand and maybe its purpose is to prevent him from sweating or to sweat more from his palm. And then they kill you (maybe).) (I'm sorry this part is still vague).

the man (who i think is Nicolas cage but i can't find this in any of his movie/or maybe another actor that ressembles him) goes into hospital and undergoes a surgery. But he undergoes a different surgery than the one intended to be made (maybe the hospital did this on purpose) . OK so. I remember that his doctor is iranien or has Persian origins. and in one scene he tells him "don't worry i didn't study (medicine) in Tahran". i forgot his name but will be calling him doctor "X".

Also, there's something suspicious with the janitor (or maybe he is something else) who is a black person . So, his stay gets longer in the hospital. and his health worsens. and they amputate an his leg for some medical reason . i remembre a scene where his wife visited him (after not coming for a while ??) with the presence of doctor X. and she adresses the dr.X by his name and the man asks her why she adresses him like that. (he suspects that they are having an affair ??)

So the man can only move on a wheel chair. The man gets more and more suspicious. the nurse taking care of him (white skin, blonde hair) seems uninvolved. He tells her to pick him somewhere. She tells him she can't or she will get fired and he tells that he will give her a big amount of money (maybe 100.000 Dollars). so she takes him to the archive room (he is on a wheel chair). he looks for his file between the file of the same year but can't fide it. he looks more in ancient files from years ago and finds his file (maybe he finds himself marked as passed away). so the man tells the nurse to get him out of the hospital but the black man had followed them and killed the nurse. the man pushed his wheel chair managed to get to the door of the hospital and falls of the wheel chair after passing the door. but the janitors drags him by his feet into the hospital.

i don't know all the events that happened. but in the end. they show the man with an amputated arm(maybe) adding to his amputated leg. his son comes to visit him (he is wearing glasses and with a camera trying to imitate a host in a show about adventure or whatever) the man tells his son to get out. then the son said talking to his camera after he got out ".... that happened because 'the man' was afraid" or he said something like that. (he is trying to imitate that show or making a show of his own). and at the end the genitor jumps on the bed of the man and i thing trying to break his leg so the doctors or he would ampute it saying "it s time to pay" or something like that.

I'm sorry but that's all i could recall about the film. I'm sure that this movie is sooo bad that anyone who watched it will remember how bad it was. if anyone can recognize it, please be so king to share its name with me. (Sorry for my bad english, this is my first post ^^)

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When I was a kid, there was this puppet show I loved watching with my sister. One day we were no longer allowed to watch it because we were told that an episode had a character say a bad word. At the end to explain that bad words were wrong, several characters had to say "I won't say ____"

If I had to guess, I'd say it was 1998. But it was the mid to late 90's for sure. The show was definitely on regular tv, not just cable. Possibly PBS. Though it's been pointed out to me it could have been a local airing exclusive. I lived in San Jose California at the time. It's been many years, but I remember the puppets being cheaper rather than nicer muppets styled ones. And they were designed to look human, with natural skin tones and hair colours. I have a memory of the lead being a girl with peach skin, and brown hair. And possibly another similar looking one that was her sister or even rival (I remember girl drama). I also remember an episode about a sweater. I know, that's vague. I think the sweater was possibly borrowed and not returned, or stolen from the lead puppet girl. Looking back at the hazy memory, the show seems cheap to me. I remember the scenes meant to look like rooms but feeling empty. I don't remember adult puppets and think it might have only had off-camera voices for them (in anything), but I'm not certain. I don't remember any real humans or animals being in it. It was all puppets. The most similar big show I've come across during my search is The Puzzle Place. But don't recall ever watching that show as a kid, it didn't ring any bells, it looks too well made, and I can't find anything like that in episode summaries. They both just had normal looking kid characters with kid problems. My show might have even been a great value brand of that one, a cheap network attempt to copy it.

I've asked my sister about this show and though she can't place what it was, she remembers it as well. She also confirmed the timespan, and says that she has a memory of sneaking back to watch the forbidden episode later and the bad word (which she thinks was "damn") was never even said for real. Child her was very bothered we had been banned from it anyway.

I know that's not a great amount of information to go off of, but I've been asking around for years and honestly, I really want to find it so I can watch the episode and finally hear the naughty word I wasn't allowed as a kid.

Shows that have been eliminated as possible: -Big Comfy Couch -Wimzie's House -Sesame Street -Muppets -Fraggle Rock


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