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Third piece of space junk found in Snowy Mountains as officials await response from SpaceX

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So are the trunks from Crew-2 to Crew-3 will end up like this too? For whatever reason I thought they modified the de-orbit sequence to avoid exactly this situation but I may be confusing it with something else.

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My guess is that the de-orbit burn for the LZ in the Atlantic puts the trunk on a re-entry over Australia. Seems like a solvable problem, though. Might require a little more fuel to do something like an inclination change.

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As long as they didn't change a new Dragon 2 procedure (both crew & cargo) of dumping the trunk in orbit before deorbit burn, this would still be happening

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It's only Australia for goodness sake.

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I would maybe wear gloves handling those.

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Exactly what i thought! Those fuzzy carbon fiber parts really don't look like they should be touched without gloves.

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Have you met Australians?

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At a time when first stage recovery was under development, a fairing half got randomly washed up on a beach. Now, not only stages, but most fairings are recovered and reused.

This time, a Dragon trunk gets randomly picked up in Australia.

Following the existing pattern, any guesses as to what we should we expect next?

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Right now, it seems to me that the most likely find will be SRB shells from SLS, they aren't meant to be recovered but they're just tubes by the end of it, the debris may stay afloat.

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How did they recognize this as a dragon trunk?

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Floating header tank from the first Starship test, somewhere in the pacific?

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Starship Tiles hitting the ocean like buckshot in at least one of the early tests.

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NASA was fined for littering by Australia. I guess it is time for SpaceX. In any case they are responsible to clean up all debris.

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I know I've heard this story before but what was the story again cuz I forget exactly the details

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I would never tell anyone! That would be hung up in my living room!