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Everyone having a voice and place to express themselves has turned out to be a bummer. I don't know what I was expecting from this sub but it definitely wasn't "I'm sad, I'm having a hard time communicating in a language that was not my first language, I'm sad, I made friends with someone I only spent 3 days with and it was the deepest connection I ever had with someone in my whole life, how do I go on?"

Seriously? Just continue living your life and enjoying the amazing opportunity you have access to which is traveling. Not many people have the privilege to travel, if they did I'm sure they'd be too excited to be depressed about things not going how they assumed they would or being depressed that the friends they made went their separate ways.

Isn't the reason we travel solo is to get out our comfort zone, to see new places, have new experiences, experience other cultures? Everything that happens, the good the bad is a result of our choices and the risk we took leaving our comfort zone. Not every damn connection needs to be a post of how sad you are yall went your separate ways.

Of all the places I've been I never got on the plane assuming this trip is going to exactly how I planned. Fun in itself is a language, I had no trouble enjoying myself somewhere I didn't know the language. Sometimes the best times had are a result of the little words we have to share between each other, only laughter and feelings. Suddenly before we know it without us even realizing it, we're a kid all over again experiencing discomfort or joy. It's a gift and a pleasure and gives us insight and life experiences.

I'm just sad to see so many young people so sad about normal things in life, especially when traveling. We have so many forms of communication today that make it easier staying in contact with one another but it's still not enough for many people.

I feel like this sub is full of hopeless romantic highschoolers.

I'm going to make a solo travel sub for ages 40+ even though I'm only in my 30s. 30s isn't old but this place makes me feel like I'm an old man.

Edit: many people made a good point that is pretty consistent with the younger generation of today. Instagram tends to have a negative influence on peoples lives and decision making. Not that I'm old and wise because I'm not, I'm only in my 30s and an idiot at times, but social media was significantly less prevalent and present in our lives, for all ages at the time. It stayed home and didn't leave with you when you went out the door.

Comparison is the thief of progress my friends.


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