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I recently got sucked into grim dawn. I'm very much enjoying the game and the modding community and i will probably keep playing in the coming months, so i'm not looking for a new arpg right now. But playing the game made me want to learn more about the genre, so i started digging.

I played torchlight 2 when i was a kid and that was my first introduction to the genre. At the time i was mostly into oblivion and later skyrim so i realy didn't spend a lot of time on that, even thought it was quite fun. I was proposed by a friend of mine to try inquisitor: martyr a few years ago since we both play warhammer tabletop, and while the game was okaysh it didn't really clicked for me. Probably that was related to the fact that, at the time, i was big on mmo and very much in an mmo midset, so i vastly outleveled my friend in a couple of days and from there onward there wasn't any reason to keep playing togheter, and i just moved to a full fledged mmo. So it was only recently that i actually started enjoying ARPGs for what they are as a single player, build-oriented, grind-oriented and end-game oriented experience with light co-op elements.

Apparently the genre spurred by Diablo 2, which i never played. Notable mentions are also Titan Quest, which, as i understand, is very similar to Grim Dawn, Torchlight 2 and Dungeon Siege 2.

All those titles were single-player oriented, with a fully optional co-op mode. That's not the case for newer titles. Most of them - Wolcen, Inquisitor, Diablo 3 - requires a costant connection, even if you are not necessarly forced into multiplayer (wolcen will allow you to play offline actually, which is nice, but you'll need a completly different character compared to the online one, and i see little point in doing so since the modding community isn't as big as the grim dawn one). Other games like PoE seems, for a person coming from mmos like me, just mmos. I don't get how you could consider PoE not an mmo honestly. And while mmos are fun, i don't undestand why the ARPG, as a genre, is becoming just a new mmo flavour. We are about to get a workable build of last epoch, which is going to turn fully online, and diablo 4 which is, in my opinion, lost ark lite - featuring shared open world, world bosses, open world pvp and so on. I just don't get how people can say "well, it's not an mmo since dungeon are istanced". Dude, every mmo has istanced dungeons. It's 2022. And obviusly we have lost ark, which is openly an mmo.

Now, mind you: i liked mmos in the past and probably i will like them in future, but the question remains. Why a single player oriented experience with co-op elements apparently turned into a new kind of mmo? Why no one is developing single player ARPG with co-op anymore?

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is. why has there been a dry spell of Action RPG's this year?

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