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Most Americans support using the popular vote to decide U.S. presidents

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most Americans

popular vote

Well no kidding

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Most Americans want universal Healthcare, better worker rights, higher minimum wage and Bodily autonomy for women.

Doesn't change the US though

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In a poll the majority of Americans support using the popular vote to decide the president.

Unfortunately if you break the data of that poll up into an arbitrary and outdated system of convoluted regions the results of the poll show the opposite.

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· 2 mo. ago · edited 2 mo. ago

I've argued with some of my friends concerning this. I get that my Trump supporting former friend defends the electoral college. But my more level-headed friends have as well. They don't seem to get the concept of citizens actually having a direct hand in who leads the country. That land is basically what really votes for that role. Can't have the dirty Californians decide for those who live in more sparsely populated places, can we?

It felt more like they turned into zombies for a moment and were just regurgitating what they were taught as kids to believe about the election system.

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“Most” ?!?!

I’d like to say who TF doesn’t?

But I think we know who the loud authoritarian minority is, It’s pretty clear.

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Repetitive redundancies.

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· 2 mo. ago
South Carolina

No no. Its only fair to use a weighted voting system where some people's votes have more weight and impact than others.

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It's as if Republicans know they won't win any elections if they allow popular votes.....or they gonna have to change their party line for more popular ones. I guess their lobbyists won't like the latter. They generally prefer low tax for the rich and very low salary for the workers


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We need ranked choice !

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For anyone who wants a good demonstration of the strengths and weaknesses of different voting systems, this is an excellent simulation / explanation.

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I don’t like that the person with the most votes can lose.

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Or even better in my opinion, STAR voting


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Republicans hate the idea because their policies are so unpopular.

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· 2 mo. ago · edited 2 mo. ago

Additionally, I heard one conservative friend calling ranked choice voting a scam because "no one can explain it". So I explained it to him, then it became unfair because "green party voters would rank their second pick as democratic votes. So that's not fair!" Oh, but where do libertarian votes go?

It's unfair when your unwarranted advantage is equalized.


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