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Republicans who condemned kneeling NFL players just gave vets the middle finger. Several senators who just voted to deny health care to sick veterans previously slammed peaceful athlete protests for "disrespecting" the military.

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Yeah, why the GOP is seen as stronger for the military is baffling.

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· 2 mo. ago

because to the base, who are simple minded, just yelling WE LOVE AMERICA! WE LOVE THE TROOPS! WE LOVE AMERICA! WE LOVE THE TROOPS! Is easier than sitting down and looking at the policy between the two sides.

On twitter yesterday, a supposed veteran made the comment that the GOP has done more for vets than the Dems, that Trump did more than anyone and that the Dems killed the bill for PACT, by linking it to another bill and putting in unrelated pork.

I suggested that he consider the following:

  1. Trump took credit for a bill passed late in Obamas term, so the effect would be seen under Trump, but not caused by Trump. That was fake news.

  2. I told him that the bills were unlinked it was like taking a having a lab in biology and claiming that got you out of gym, they aren't related save being on the same day.

  3. I showed him the bill every paragraph was, vets at fork X, the VA is to..., the DoJ shall for the benefits of vets...

but nope it was the Dems fault

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During the lead up to the invasion of Iraq the GOP claimed you had to rubber stamp Bush's plans for invasion to continue to supporting the troops, many of which still in Afghanistan. I told everyone who questioned my patriotism, that supporting out troops also includes not needlessly sending them into harms way.

That is when I realized that for the GOP "supporting our troops" was about supporting the men and women that are wearing the boots on the ground, but supporting the Military Industrial Complex's ability to make a profit supporting the troops. When it comes down to supporting veterans and those currently serving, the GOP doesn't care. They are perfectly fine throwing away American servicemen and women's lives to ensure corporate profits.

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The two largest programs that have been passed recently to help Vets were strongly opposed by the GOP. Go back and look at who was against the Post 9-11 GI Bill and TRICARE for Guard and Reserve

The Post 9-11 GI bill pays 100% of tuition, books and fees in addition to a living expense stipend. It is also transferable to immediate family

TRICARE reserve select allowed guard and reserve service members buy into the military health care system. I had it when I was in and a family plan ran about $100/month. Way cheaper than my civilian employers insurance.

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· 2 mo. ago

A lie can make it halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on their shoes.

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they wave the flag louder, and a lot of servicemembers come from red areas.

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Comment deleted by user · 2 mo. ago
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· 2 mo. ago
South Carolina

Their base equates war mongering with support for the military.

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Same way they're seen as stronger for the economy. They sit there and say they are over and over again, but the record doesn't back up their rhetoric.

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They quickly fund military hardware while cutting personnel benefits. Republican voters see only the equipment. They don’t seem to register people on their screens.

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Because their base only watches Fox "News" and similar programming where they'll never ever see such vile acts from their home team. And even if they see it on other news sites, the vast majority have been trained like dogs to believe it's fake news and disregard it either entirely or believe the Democrats were trying to be evil and sneaky somehow.

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They care about the military industrial complex not the troops, silly. Anyone who thought they cared about anything more then that is a fool

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and hypocrisy is standard operating procedure. if any of them cared about the flag they wouldn’t violate it by displaying it with modifications like being made of bullets and guns or with trump american flags etc. those actually are considered desecration by us code. kneeling isn’t mentioned fwiw.

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For decades, I've been hoping each election cycle that Dems run on exactly this


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