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Ron Johnson's $280k cash gifts to chief of staff and wife draw U.S. Senate ethics complaint

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Know what's fun? Living in WI and getting Ron Johnson ads on youtube...while loading the January 6th hearings. FRJ.

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Every time I remember that Johnson defeated Feingold not once but twice, I lose a little more respect for WI.. imagine replacing Feingold, who was a champion of campaign finance reform with Johnson who is a walking ethics violation every single day.. then again, as a saving grace, their other senator is Baldwin..

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If you click on the ad his campaign has to pay Google.

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I keep reporting them

Had two glorious days of silence and now they’re back

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My Youtube Premium ran out last week and I was subject to "local" political ads for the first time in a long time. Wow. I am genuinely blown away the kind of stuff they are willing to say on television. Blatant misinformation and gaslighting, but its perfectly ok and normal.

Man... When are we going to take control of our media? It has certainly helped to mold this extreme GOP we are dealing with now. That shit is so powerful and toxic. I don't know if we can put the genie back in the lamp at this point.

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I had to look that up and I was surprised and tickled that there's an urban dictionary entry spelling it out for me (fuck Ron Johnson). That's "Santorum" level pettiness and I'm here for it

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I love these, because social media platforms can track me enough to know where I live, but not enough to know I would rather scrape my nose off with a carrot peeler than vote for Ron Johnson.

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My dad often calls RJ and leaves a message telling him to try gargling bleach, like he suggested to kill COVID lol

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· 3 mo. ago

How else would you know about the "inflation tax" if not for his ads?

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Why are you watching ads?

install ublock origin in your computer browser in chome or firefox. On mobile, use firefox with ublock (google does not allow it for chrome on mobile).

No reason to either see ads on youtube

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· 3 mo. ago

adblock, my man

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Grew up in WI, live in IL now. Everytime I go home the place is just inundated with political ads; mail, TV, internet, phone. It is truly unbearable what you have to deal with

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I get the frickin photoshopped DeSantis ads. They thinned out his pudgy face in them.

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YouTube premium, great investment.


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I do government work, just took my ethics training yesterday actually, and my gs-nothing ass can’t mess with gifts greater than like $20.

Make it make sense!


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