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Violence is an important concept in ethics and political philosophy, but one that is highly contested. This video evaluates three distinct conceptions violence: direct, moralised, & structural. It cautions against conceptual inflation, but recognises revisions that push boundaries can be helpful.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

Violence is a key concept in ethics and political philosophy (and other branches of the humanities and social sciences). However it is an essentially contested concept which makes it hard to pin down. This video unpacks three distinct interpretations: force, violations, and structural violence. The first is the direct application of force, which is simple but doesn’t capture the common distinctions we often make between violence done in crime for example and acts of legitimate coercion done by the state. The second is ‘violence as violation’ which is found in much of the human rights literature. This is appealing insofar as it moralises the conception of violence in a way that many find plausible, but it still relies on direct or interaction all forms of violence. The third is structural violence which claims violence can be woven into social institutions in a way that diminishes the life-chances of human beings. This is interesting and complicated but raises the prospect of conceptual inflation. The problem faced by philosophers and theorists is finding a way to maintain conceptual precision while pushing innovation.

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I agree somewhat with this, but I’m not so sure if I’m on board with it? This can be corelated to the psuedo-unity that we as humans present towards our infant selves, also babies. Have you ever thought of that? I bet you haven’t, anyways, toodle loo! Smell ya later! Alligator.

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Violentia therefore is every act unethical in almost every aspect of human interrelationship and thus must be avoided or even punished by law.

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Violence, aggression, brutality, cruelty, sadism, ruthlessness, ferocity and many are not so different or same dimensions of our feeling. To excel, you need this and you have this inside you much or less. For example when driving a vehicle you overtake by going into opposite lane, and this way you slow down the vehicles from opposite lane. This show you only care about yourself.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

Oh, some gold. Thanks. I feel like I should be like Peter Singer and tell you to spend your money on something that alleviates poverty... but I’m terribly vain and awfully immoral.


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