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No pets for me, thanks!


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I just don't like pets
1 year ago
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What petting a dog can do for your brain

“If patients with deficits in motivation, attention, and socioemotional functioning show higher emotional involvement in activities connected to a dog, then such activities could increase the chance of learning and of achieving therapeutic aims.”

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Edit: He’s an older cat compared to others at the shelter, but still has 5-7 years left in his lifespan. It’s not a medical issue/dx, but a anxiety behavior. He can have quality of life with a person that is 1) fully informed & understands his needs and 2) has the ability to be home and train him.

So I (25F) have a lot of patience, a lot. I want to be a net-positive in the world, so when I was single and 23 I became a paw-spice home for a 10 year old beagle. She lasted less than a year, and that year was trying enough. I convinced myself that I was a pet person, so I got a cat from the local shelter. Oldest one in their cat section (probably dog too), had been there the longest, all that. I figured if he's an old one, he won't need much maintainance. He knows how to use the litter. He's not super active. Etc.

The shelter told me he had a UTI that caused incontinence issues, but the medication was fixing it and it shouldn't be a problem. WRONG. He completed his medication and continues to pee on all of my things. He's also the most anxious animal I've ever met, very clingy and impossible for me to sit or stand without him on top of me. I suspect that's the reason he was initially surrendered, as I don't see how he can have this intense of a peeing habit without years of engrainment.

Nobody at the shelter was honest with me about him. And now that I've tried all that I can to fix it or adapt, I'm throwing up my hands and rehoming him to someone that has the emotional energy and skills to train an old cat with this very engrained habit.

However, shelters are now declining me because I'm being honest about my reason to rehome -- the incontinence. I've called multiple and I've tried the direct listing sites, and I'm not getting any help or support. They were perfectly fine minimizing all these issues to me, borderline lying to me as a way for me to adopt him, but my honesty and trying to make the best decision for everyone is getting met with no support.

Some shelters (and my sister, diehard cat person) have even made judgemental comments about "just remove stress" and "well you signed up for this". Except I didn't sign up for it, I was lied to. I can't remove the stress, because he's stressed when I'm not physically touching him every moment of every day.

As of now, the soonest appointment I could find to surrender is November 21st. I've been declined from about 3 other shelters. 0 messages from direct rehoming sites after weeks of trying. I don't want to lie and put some other person in my situation, so I'm stuck trying and trying until something works out.

TLDR: Shelter didn't tell me how severe his anxiety incontinence is, now that I'm at my wits end they don't want any hand in helping me.


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