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ex-wiki admin, retired PyPoE creator
7 years ago
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This is a "Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should." discussion thread. We know tools can optimize the fun out of the game.

You may not believe it likely or possible, but for the sake of this discussion please assume it is imminently.

After every patch, an AI can tell you the best way to play every skill, for any type of content, with any unique constraints, with trade link searches, with the items in your stash, with any class or ascendancy you might like. I am not talking about an AI bot playing the game for you, just the build planning process.

How do you think this will impact the game? For the better or worse? How do you see yourself keeping the game fun?

Do you remember PoE before Path of Building? How forum builds generally just had to prove they could do an end-boss or high tier map and that was the only real check for a good build and you felt you could play any of them? There were no popular tier lists of builds. Now with PoB to compare two different builds it feels like even though hundreds of builds are viable to clear endgame, we end up with a meta of only 5-8 builds over a league, which rarely change. The game and how we play it has changed because the tool came out.

As for if an AI build solver is possible, it already is and has been made for many different games and many fields, and the complexity of building an AI is coming down all the time. Someone or someones with enough experience in the field could make it today. Fan projects already make them for extremely complex games today. Someone will make it for PoE tomorrow or the day after.

So how do you think you will find the fun?

I tried to pose this question in poebuilds but they said it wasn't related to builds and deleted it. Most people there thought it was impossible.

I go into a high level technical plan for accomplishing it in this comment if you doubt (and the downvotes on just this technical plan prove many devs doubt, despite many devs having already done it) things or can't see how it would be done.

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Hi everyone,

It appears as if the two request URLs used to get the account name were deprecated.{realm}{character}

Was it replaced by anything else?

Does anyone know the new URL I can use to obtain the account name?

Thank you.

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I've been working on a trade site for quite a while, and am getting somewhat close to starting to be able to actually use it beyond just basic testing. I was curious if the direct whisper feature recently implemented in the official site is something third party sites can get access to though. Given the impact it has on improving trade (aside from just being more convenient, it does highlighting and informs you when the item is gone and such), it seems a rather important feature for a third party site to have.

In theory, the flow for it seems pretty simple. Given that each item has an item ID that my site has, we can:

- Make a GET to /api/trade/fetch/{itemId}
- Read the whisper token.
- Make a POST to /api/trade/whisper with the token.

The problem though is authentication and rate limits. I assume the preferred approach would be to use OAuth and then make an API call from the server with the user's authorization header, but:

  1. The API calls aren't on the supported list of endpoints. Not a big deal from an "it can change" perspective since I can just update my code if they change, but presumably means it's frowned upon to use for a public site? I'm also not sure if any application scopes would even cover that endpoint via OAuth for the whisper endpoint.

  2. Even with OAuth, we would run into IP rate limits if it's done on the server side. It could be done on the client side via AJAX to respect IP limits properly, but then CORS would prevent that from working.

Is this functionality that's supported / possible for third party sites to access?



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