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Path of Exile is fun as a new player.

I’m a completely new player with only around 12 hours in and I’m having a blast. The start of the game was pretty easy but it has definitely ramped up since the start of Act 6 (lots of lightning resist and I’m running crackling lance). I know that I’ve only scratched the surface of the content that Poe offers (I’m at the end of Act 6) so I’m exited for more.

If you’re apprehensive about playing this game because of the steep learning curve I would still recommend playing it. All questions that I’ve had I can either find a detailed video about, ask in the discussion thread on this sub, or ask in global chat.

Edit: I just got to Maps at around 30 hours of playtime (I think i might have read the hours wrong when I reached Act 6 or smthing.) Learning about the different missions and crafting higher tier, etc etc. thanks for everyone suggestions and help!

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Word of advice if you havnt figured it out, look at your resistances and try to get them capped at 75% or the difficulty spike might be too much to handle.

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Op · 3 mo. ago

We are good! Everything except chaos is capped.

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and don’t forget that your equipments and skill tree can give maximum resistance!

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For your own sanity, avoid this subreddit 2 weeks after every new league launch.

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He isn’t lying 👍

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If you want to be really smart, avoid it entirely

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· 3 mo. ago

But then where would I see all the glitches they're banning Empyrian for?

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· 3 mo. ago

If only this place was properly moderated instead of the idiotic "upvotes and downvotes are good enough moderation" and "if something makes it to the front page we can't delete it because someone's feelings might get hurt" stances.

Unless the current state of this shithole was what they wanted of course. When general gaming subs, other forums and even youtube comments tell new players to stay far away from here, you know you've fucked up big time.

This sub was the worst thing to happen to the game.

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Ded league

Budget build that can farm all content - 200ex

Check out my method for farming 25ex per hour with these easy hacks

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But visit the daily question thread, teaches a lot than the threads opened individually

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· 3 mo. ago

That wasn't the case for 3.11-3.14 era... After expedition GGG fucked up big time. Hence the ded game memes.

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· 3 mo. ago

I have 5500 hours logged on Steam and still always learning!

Are you winging your first build or following a guide?

Hopefully you beat Act 10 soon, the game opens up a lot after that.

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Op · 3 mo. ago

I’m following a build guide, seems like the best option for a new player. Looking forward to the endgame content :)

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I got hooked in 2015, and 12,000 hours later, it's still fun.

I have yet to do:


Uber uber fights

new Uber atziri


attack wander

attack bowyer (not CoC, which i do have experience with, and i have done totems)

full-compliment minions

30 round simulacrum

solo 5-way legion

delve deeper than 500 solo

headhunter build

mageblood build

I missed (while in broken state):

poison animate weapon

saviour builds


heist endboss

synthesis crafting of a GG item of any kind

Original Harvest

net-managed Bestiary (gave up at act 4, skipped the rest of the league)

Talisman league (my RNG was so bad, i didn't get even a portal scroll until i hit lvl 40, SKIP)

50-blade cold blade vortex

all the races (not enough time)


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Your comment makes me feel somehow better, I have around 3-4k and still haven't killed maven, because she's a bitch and that fight sucks.

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· 3 mo. ago

Ayyy, I didn't know we had a team!

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Comment deleted by user · 3 mo. ago
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· 3 mo. ago
Make Scion great again

Wait, there is a Heist boss?


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