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3 months ago

Will Sentinel Become a Core Path of Exile Mechanic?

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gonna be fun to see how high the recombinators price will get on sc trade

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Already like 50c for one armour one lmao

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If/When the sentinels return, I hope they implement it similar to shrines. Find it in the map -> click -> goes around for a bit buffing stuff around it depending on the kind of sentinel.

A bit of low imput, low-ish output map juicing, since most will probably be ~average if you get them at random instead of crafting. But it probably would feel good to find some.

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Comment deleted by user · 3 mo. ago
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Finding one and picking between two different sentinels would be cool kind of like the eldritch altars.

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Activate sentinel shrine, for 5 seconds a random sentinel empowers enemies around you


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Totally expected but damn i'm gonna miss recombinators. They let me make quite a few items that would have been a real pain in the ass otherwise.

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· 3 mo. ago
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As soon as we saw some of the wacky stuff showing up on the front page, I knew that Recombinators were on borrowed time.

I'm generally an optimistic person, but the second something allows for crafting more deterministic than Resonators, its fate is already sealed as far as I'm concerned.

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I'm a bit disappointed... Recombinators sound like exactly the kind of thing that would make me spend more effort crafting, but I haven't had much time to play this season... Hoping it doesn't take them too long to come up with a new permanent version, and they are still interesting enough.

I guess there's still at least 3 weeks left in Sentinel... Maybe I can squeeze in some time to play around with Recombinators before they're gone.

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Comment deleted by user · 3 mo. ago
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It’s still a pain in the ass.

Yes you can get extremely lucky, but even then the amount of $$$ you spend on bases/attempts is extremely comparable to crafting using all the other methods available. Recombinators just gave you another shot at hitting the jackpot.

Setting aside the fact that you can recombinate mirrored items, all recombinators did was allow a non-meta crafter to create GG items without having a spreadsheet’s worth of crafting knowledge in their heads. Side note, I got sooo many DM’s to purchase legacy GG amulets that I’ve had since before 1.1 because of the ability to recombo legacy stats. <that will 100% get nerfed.

I have a working knowledge of crafting, and by no means an expert however I was able to craft the best RF DPS ring and helmet in 3.18; ring was 9% better than the next best, next best helmet wasn’t even close to what I made. Triple elevated GG stats, disgusting.

Meta-crafters don’t want recombinators, non-meta crafters do, I’d say keep them around with some minor tweaking as it adds yet another crafting method in what I believe is in fact a crafting ARPG.

Lastly to those who will doubt I crafted the best RF ring and helm using recombinators, I’m on the leaderboards wearing the gear. DM me my toon’s name and I will hand one or the other to you for free in game.

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Yes, recombinators made me stay with my build for much longer.

Back to "drop the character when upgrades become unreachable reasonably" strategy, I suppose.


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· 3 mo. ago

Not surprised.

Would love to still have recombinators. But not surprised.

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· 3 mo. ago · edited 3 mo. ago

I am ok with recombinators being removed but I really hope that GGG can see how they enabled large number of items that nobody wanted to pickup before and how they activated the economy in many different ways.

Turning items into expendables is the right direction to go.

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You could also spin it as "looting more items = potentially more stash tabs" if you want to look at it that way.


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