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Dev Log: Talking to Chris Wilson about Path of Exile - Josh Strife Hayes live is starting now

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At first I was like "I wonder what Chris' first favourite game is" then was like "oh right"

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I didn't watch the video but was it Monkey Island 2 LeChuck's Revenge?

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Chris' favorite game is an imaginary version of Diablo 2 that never actually existed.

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26:55 Determination+Grace+Defiance banner in danger

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There are a number of rules of thumb here. It's often down to as looking at what kind of choices a player has to make for a certain thing and at the point where there is an obvious choice then there really is no depth to that. Even if the obvious choice involves significant complexity, you know, you get some kind of Rube Goldberg machine of crazy that results in good defenses for your character. But everyone just does that, that's not a particularly deep system because there's nothing to do except YouTube how to build that and then do it. And so we want to have systems where there's a lot of debate about the best way to build that aspect of your character.

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Finally tbh, I hate how they basically have FOMO for defenses with these auras lol

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I love how every time that Chris says "path of exile" the youtube auto-generated subtitles transcribe it as "path of excel".

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· 3 mo. ago
Bring Back Recombinators

It's not exactly wrong =P

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There also was "math of exile". Also not wrong.

Youtube subtitles fired a lot of shots here.

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the most critical of questions: "Am I having too much fun playing cyclone?"

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· 3 mo. ago · edited 3 mo. ago

That was totally a jab at the "Fun detected" meme and i laughed out loud when i heard it

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· 3 mo. ago

This is a much better concern than it sounds on the face of it because my personal lowest point for PoE ever was Legion League with its 60% being cyclone users. I applaud GGG for understanding that the easiest skills shouldn't also be the best skills and also the cheapest skills and also the fastest skills. Cyclone being 'too fun' is a legitimate concern for this reason.

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Q: What is the number 1 mistakes game developer can make in creating a new game nowadays?

Chris: NFT.

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· 3 mo. ago

Based and Chrispilled

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i'm so glad Crypto crashed and the EU started cracking down on loot boxes, once it's full implemented many other countries will follow.

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· 3 mo. ago
Thank you for visiting Yer Ol' Spooky Shope!

Makes sense considering his physical NFT collection a.k.a Black Lotus.


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