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China warns its military will 'not sit idly by' if Pelosi visits Taiwan

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China Threatens To Retaliate For Pelosi’s Taiwan Trip By Letting Her Return Safely - The Onion

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They gave her bogus stock tips.

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Please no


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So they’re going to do sorties in Taiwanese air space making Taiwan scramble their jets for the 80000th time and then call it a day?

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China doesn't invade Taiwanese air space. They get close to it but never actually cross the line. Which just goes to show that China actually acknowledges Taiwan's sovereignty.

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Honestly. It's just more practice for Taiwan air defense.

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I mean that's one of the most damaging tactics china can use atm. When you compare the size of Taiwan and Chinas fleet of fighter planes you notice a unnerving trend. China uses older fighters they can afford to keep in working order to fly over Taiwan and force newer planes that taiwan uses to scramble. This costs taiwan tons of money in wasted flight hours and puts more and more strain on Taiwanese fighters. These planes can not fly forever they typically have a few thousand hours of flight time possible. This is killing Taiwan's ability to defend their airspace if a true conflict does break out. Meanwhile china loses nothing due to using older models that won't really impact their ability to wage a real conflict

EDIT: I am not saying China could take the island though. There are exactly two beaches in Taiwan you could land troops on. These beaches very quickly become towering mountains of which would be a nightmare to seize militarily. Especially when Taiwan is turning their island into a fortress. China will not take Taiwan


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Starry2HelpfulWholesome2Tree Hug
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You cross this line you die, ok you cross that line you die, ok…

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China tried to intimidate voters ahead of Taiwan's first free presidential elections in 1996. The US parked two carrier battle groups in the Taiwan Strait. Lots of hot air from China but of course Taiwan ultimately held their first democratic election as an independent nation with 76% voter turnout.

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True, but ironic coming from Russia

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I would like to know why the CCP are not updating that page

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Jesus. Even the Russians can see through China's bullshit.

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lol that’s hilarious. Also shocking that the ccp haven’t figured out a way to eliminate that from the internet. Or at least try to.