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Neighbors From Hell


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I have no idea what im doing
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I just moved into a new apartment in a house. We have one washer and dryer included in our rent that we share with the upstairs Tennant's. They are incredibly loud 24/7 but I have been ignoring it. The problem I have is the laundry. On Friday I needed to do laundry. There was clothes in the dryer when I went to switch my laundry over. I thought I'd not move them and text the neighbor. Two and a half hours passed and she didn't respond or come down and get it. I thought my wet clothes would soon become musty so I took them out the the dryer, folded them and put them in her basket so they wouldn't wrinkle. It was a work uniform and I thought it was important it didn't look bad. Many hours later she finally came to empty her dryer ( it was almost dinner time and I had texted her after breakfast) and bitched me out badly for removing the laundry. I pay for the right to do my laundry when I wish. I apologized but after she left I realized a considerable amount of my detergent is missing. Of course she has used it because the laundry is only split between two units. My question is how should I have handled this? Was I wrong to remove the laundry? Should I have just not been able to do mine? Should I contact the landlord? I thought I had done her a favor by helping her. Need some advice. My husband thinks I should have removed the laundry hours earlier and just put it in the basket unfolded.

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What recourse do I have in this situation?

My package was accidently delivered to my neighbor's porch by mistake. The neighbors claim that they don't have the package even though there is a picture of it sitting by their front door.

I've had issues with these people in the past (they frequently play loud bass music in the middle of the night, they leave bloody needles and other discarded drug paraphernalia on the sidewalk, they have multiple wrecked vehicles in front of their house and that doesn't leave a lot of room for other neighbors to park, etc.). Several of the street lights in the area have been shot out and one of my other neighbors said that she saw these people shooting at the lights. They're renters and the landlord knows about their behavior but chooses to ignore it.

I know that Amazon will replace the package, but it's still frustrating that my neighbors took the package in the first place.

Would it be worth the effort to file a police report in this situation?

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They either wait until night time or when I’m at work, and their drive across my yard and my driveway. THEY HAVE AN END LOT! This sense of entitlement is beyond my patience! I despise these nasty slum people! Talking to them, does nothing, no trespassing signs do nothing! I am beyond sick of them.

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My neighbor is continuously abusing my dog

My boyfriend (28M) and I (25F) got a new home in August 2021. We intentionally picked this home as it was out of city limits and had a gigantic back yard for our dog. (1 year old Aussie) Our neighbors greeted us as we were moving in, introduced themselves, and invited us to have wine nights and dinners. Now to understand this next part, I work from home. I take calls all day long directly next to a window that meets my backyard. After about 2 months of living here I had reached our multiple times to the neighbor who had added me on facebook for “easy communication” to see if she wanted her 2 dogs to come over as they have about 1/8 the yard we do and always howl to summon my dog outside to play through the fence. No response. A couple weeks later I noticed my dog being soaking wet and tracking mud inside when it hadn’t been raining, no sprinkles, no reason for her to be as dirty as she was. My dog is a PRINCESS she hates being dirty and i could tell this bothered her and I would have to bathe her constantly and my poor house was getting muddy dog prints EVERYWHERE!! It wasn’t until early this year i caught our neighbors sitting in their house with the back door open and a hose in hand WAITING for a single bark from my baby to spray her. They did this daily. I ran outside immediately and asked if he could not spray my dog. no response. just closed the door. I sent a way too polite message to them asking what the problem was and was met with brutality against myself as well. I talked it out with them as the verbally assaulted me and their reasoning for spraying my dog in the face daily was that she “barked all day and all night.” untrue. we limit her outfit access and since i work from home on calls, if she barks, she’s brought inside immediately. yet their excuse was they can’t sleep, can’t work, and have other neighbors complain has well. I advised I would take more precautions and provided them the opportunity to knock on my door, message on facebook, and even gave them my cell number to call/text me if they have any problems. About a month after this their dogs broke our fence and dug the ground to get into our yard to play, more than once. I was semi-ok with this because i felt bad for them as they wanted run around. However I was able to get them breaking the fence and digging and traveling between yards on video. (work next to window perks) My dog got blamed. nuh uh. when i reached out to the neighbors to pick up their dogs they threw some more jabs at me and my dog. I was polite and explained im open to talk of they need it. Months have passed since then. Now i came home tonight to my dog not just wet but SOAKED!!! no explanation except their back to their tactics. I checked my calls/texts and messenger and I have nothing from them. My baby isn’t even 2 yet and now has extreme anxiety about other people and water when she used to love them. i’m at a loss as i dont know what to do from here. Ive been so nice and have no clue what to do anymore. Dogs bark. It’s not at abnormal times and it’s not excessive…. What options do I have if they are unwilling to communicate?

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I had a year with a really awesome next door neighbor. He was such a quiet, respectful guy who moved out after finding a better rental elsewhere. Before that, I had another great next door neighbor who I remained friends with after she moved out. Now, there are apartment viewings being held and people touring the place.

I’ve had horrible luck with upstairs neighbors and am actively dealing with an upstairs NFH. I am so nervous that next door might end up being another problem. I live in a townhouse and sound travels miserably.

Anyway, just venting. Living underneath a bad neighbor has really affected me mentally, and to have it next door might make this worse. I only stay here because it’s cheap and I don’t have a very well-paying job. Sucks when you’re anxiously awaiting who might move in next and have so much power to affect your well-being for the next year.

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This is temporary, luckily. I just really need to vent.

We live in a two family house - one apartment on each floor. There are 4 yards:

An enclosed one which is great for dogs, which only we use, even though it’s shared, they just don’t use it.

A huge unfenced one in use by everyone, 30 metres away from the house

A tiny one, in front of the house, which is the other family’s yard according to the lease.

A medium one with gravel.

The mother isn’t home, but her 18yo boys are, with a friend. Usually they are really quiet, but that changes when she’s away. They are playing football (Europe) in their tiny yard, hitting the house repeatedly and having a conversation, but yelling every word and yelling “AAAAAAAAAH” constantly. Furthermore, they have a dog inside who whines because it wants to join them. They constantly scream “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!” to the dog.

I wish those boys would just go to the huge yard away from the house, but I can’t really ask them to stop using THEIR yard.

They played from 18:00-23:00 the two past days and they seem to follow that schedule today as well - 2 hours left today …

My boyfriend goes to bed at 21:00 and doesn’t have the summer off, his alarm goes off at 05:00.


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