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Took some data from bbref to see what state/country produces the most NBA players.

Interesting Findings:

USA is a power house with 4200 NBA players.

Canada, France, Australia, & Germany are the international NBA player producers, which can be seen in EuroBasket/FIBA.

Of the USA players, California, New York, Illinois are the to three states producing players with much of them coming from LA, NYC, & Chicago.

See some graphics on this data here.

But what state really make the best NBA players? I took the top six states (CA, NY, IL, PA, OH, TX)- as they all produce at least 200 players- and analyzed the average stats of the players from these states. Now there are many players with unrecorded data due to the lack of recording in early league years, but luckily when averaging in sheets these are removed.

What I found was that it seems Ohio has produced the average best players of the top six states to produce players. Ohio is leader in PTS & TRB per game and FT%. It also seems they talk the most trash with the most personal fouls per game. Ohio also is in the upper band for ASTs per game.

CA seems to make good defenders/big men with the highest STLs and BLKs, in but also highest TOVs and decent FG%. CA also has the players who last the longest in the league.

TX has 3&D and big men it seems. High FG% and 3P%, with higher BLKs, STLs, & TOVs. The low FT% shows to me big men may be coming out of TX.

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With the Donovan Mitchell trade complete and the subsequent losses of Lauri Markkanen and Ochai Agbaji, the Cavaliers are facing a problem they've known well since LeBron left for the second time: a lack of wing depth. These are different times. Before this year, not having a starting caliber wing didn't mean any more than losing a couple more games, but now it could be the difference between title contention and a first round exit.

However, Cleveland are in a good spot with their youth, and have at least three years before contracts start potentially becoming issues. Due to the Cavaliers' current core of Darius Garland, Donovan Mitchell, Evan Mobley, and Jarrett Allen, this wing player doesn't need to be an all-star or even near that level. They need to be able play good point of attack defense, good team defense, and be able to hit threes.

That is it.

On defense, Garland and Mitchell have had mixed results through their career. Garland will never be overly positive defender, but is making improvements on that end. Mitchell has had his ups and downs on the Jazz, but has the potential to be a consistent disruptor. Either way, neither player should be guarding the opposing teams best guard or forward. This wing position needs to be able to hold their own against multiple positions.

On offense, Garland and Mitchell will command attention of the ball so their wing will not be expected to generate their own shots. Mobley and Allen will continue to be roll threats and pests around the rim. While both have the possibility of improving their jump shots, currently a spacer is needed to maximize their use in the offense. Anything extra is a plus, but would be an accessory to Cleveland's current offense.

Their current options at wing, Isaac Okoro, Caris LeVert, Dean Wade, Dylan Windler, Cedi Osman, and Lamar Stevens, all have varying skillsets that make them valuable on most NBA rosters, but do not fit the ideal wing that Cleveland needs. All, but one.


Dean Wade has been with the Cavaliers since the 2019-20 season where he was on a two-way contract after going undrafted. He played a majority of that year on the Cavs G League affiliate, the Canton Charge, where he impressed Cleveland enough to give him a multi-year minimum contract. Since 2020-21, Dean Wade has been in and out of the starting lineup, mainly due to being JB Bickerstaff's go to guy to cover for any injured wing or big.

Unless you watch the Cavaliers, are deeply into the NBA, or have heard Zach Lowe's jingle for Wade's fictional accounting business, you probably do not know anything about him. And that makes sense; Dean Wade is not a walking highlight reel, but instead a steady player who does the small things to win games.


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