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Please Bring Back Voice Actors, Stop Celebrity Voices

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It's a shame Andrea Romano retired.

She would go through 250-300 applications for roles and tried to avoid casting popular celebrities for longterm roles because they might not be available on a regular basis. At the same time, when she went with celebrity actors for roles, it was dynamite (Mark Hamill was first cast as the Joker by Romano).

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Her episode of Chris Hardwick's podcast was an utter delight, she had such a strong hand in putting together so many shows dear to my childhood, and indelibly marked the world of voice acting for generations.

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I recall an anecdote about Mark Hamill auditioning as the Joker and she was just not buying Luke Skywalker trying to do the voice for the Joker. He read some lines and she just said that's it, he's the Joker.

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Andrea Romano is the absolute GOAT. We have the entire DCAU because of her.

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At first I read the first sentence as she had died, and I was going to be severely disappointed.

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IIRC, his wife was pissed he didn't try out for a character that was in more episodes, like Alfred.

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Weirdly, your comment came 5 years to the day after she retired.

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Favorite fun fact: Mark Hamill was doing voice acting before doing Star Wars. (He's not been "slumming", he just went back to his old gig!)


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There’s a difference between them fitting the role vs being cast to voice in order to bring the “big name.” That’s the issue.

Robin Williams for the genie? Perfection. Beyoncé as Nala in the lion king? No no no.

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The whole cast of The Lion King 2019 was a big god damn mistake nevermind just Nala lol They were all just ranging from not good to "oh why please stop"

I'm sorry James Earl Jones but you were way too old to voice Mufasa again you were great in the original but in this you were just grandpa lion

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Or Rihanna in Home.

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Danny Trejo in Big City Greens is fun.

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Robin Williams was a voice actor tho, he just also fit the bill as a mainstream actor as well.

I think the issue Hollywood has is, they view voice actors as cartoon actors, so they are afraid their movie won't be viewed as a summer blockbuster, but as looney toons goes to the big screen. They know Chris Pratt won't turn away the crowds and that he has the range for a 100 minute movie, so why take a chance?

not defending Movie Studios, just trying to understand why they make the decisions they do.

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I'm the same way. I thought the Rock killed it as Maui in Moana. I haven't seen Superdog yet, so I don't know if he can do the same.

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Basically the new superpets film, I love the rock and Kevin hart acting together but it didn’t have to be them, it’s purely to sell the superpets film which I understand but is kind of weak.


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seeing it opening weekend


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