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Lately i’ve been noticing a ton of “what I eat in a day as a fat person” videos on social media and tik tok. Usually it’s an obese person eating reasonably sized meals. They typically aren’t crazy healthy but it’ll be standard portions and maybe a bowl of ice cream or handful of candy as a treat. What I HATE about these videos is that they are absolute B.S. You do not get to 500 pounds eating normal portions and having the occasional treat. I get it, posting the actual quantities of food could be embarrassing or draw a lot of hate, but pretending like eating normal portions makes someone obese is misleading.

Speaking as someone who used to be significantly overweight, it’s a load of crap. When I was at my heaviest I was NOT eating normal quantities of food. my typical day did not consist of 3 small meals and maybe a snack. More like 3 average meals and throw in a pizza , tub of icecream, and a 2L of soda. I’ve lost a lot of weight and honestly my typical day looks pretty similar to the ones they post. It makes me feel like I must still be overeating if this is what a 600 lb person’s average daily intake is.

Their diet will be similar to mine and titled “diet of a fat person not trying to lose weight”. It makes me question whether i’m eating too much if my diet appears to be the same as theirs? Logically I know i’m not, I’m no longer considered obese and i’m the healthiest I’ve been, but these types of videos make me feel like crap.

I know these people posting are not obligated to be fully transparent or honest but it pisses me off. I just wish they could be real about it and show what it’s actually like or not bother at all.

Anyways rant done

**Edit: This post is getting a lot of controversy so will try to clear some things up. **

I’m aware there are different factors that can effect weight and that not every obese person gorges themselves like I did.

A lot of these videos however will show “typical” days where they show about 2500 calories. A person who weighs 500 lbs would ultimately lose weight if they ate this much consistently (it’d take about triple the calories to maintain their current weight). This annoys me because the titles are often “not trying to lose weight” or “an average day of eating for a fat girl” or whatever when it’s likely this is not reflective of their average day. I know it’s just one day posted out of 365 so it’s not possible to be fully accurate, but the titles are misleading and I just wish some of them were a bit more realistic. Speaking as someone who was over 350 lbs there is no way I would have stayed at that weight eating 2k calories a day. Not saying someone who eats 2500 cals a day is gonna be skinny, but it’s very unlikely they’d weigh 500 lbs.

(Again, I feel like this is a given, but not everyone’s situation is the same and there are other factors, this post is not directed towards that minority)

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..this is your sign. I (29F) have always wanted to give it a try, but up until three weeks ago I was too nervous because I’m very overweight and have no idea how to use the machines.

Tips for trying:

1- it’s okay if you don’t know how to use the machines. All of mine (I go to an Esporta) have instructions (written and a drawing with motion arrows) on them PLUS a QR code you can scan that will take you to a video tutorial!

2- it’s emptiest on weekend evenings about 30 minutes before close. Perfect time to go in and experiment with a couple machines before leaving. It will make going next time so much easier.

3- I was worried the super buff people would be judging me for my body but trust me, they are typically staring at themselves in any available mirror (and rightly so, their bodies are insane), not paying attention to you.

Good luck!! 🏋🏽‍♀️

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I started all this 179 days ago and I'm feeling compelled to write about it. My internal dialog says, "wait until 180, thats a solid number to look forward to." No. Things happen now, things happen when you just start doing. I felt inspired to write and post so here I am.

I started at 225.4 and today I weighed in at 189.9. 35.5 lbs. It sometimes feels like nothing, sometimes it feels like a ton. My mom took my picture with the kids yesterday and I was stunned by my face progress! (Won't post cause it was an awful picture, thanks mom 😅)

I started this as my husband left on deployment and I was determined to make a big change for his return, which is soon hopefully! Everyone cross their fingers for our family. As toxic as it was, the reveals on "The Biggest Loser" got me and I want one for myself. I hope my husband can see it all.

The past 6 months I've worked to improve my physical health, mental health, skin, independence, houses systems, routines and it goes on. Its all tied together.

Some things that are working for me:

Not waiting for perfect conditions to get started. I used to have a lot of conditions before I would work out or walk. I had to stop, the house will always be messy with kids, the effects of work outs last longer and make me better.

I try my best to walk 3mi a day with 80lbs of stroller, I lift weights. I hope I can keep up in winter. Tips appreciated.

Spending money to make life easier. Can I buy something precut/frozen/bagged salad that I can easily toss together? I will do it. I need this to be as easy as possible.

I bought myself a handful of workout sets and they're my "mom uniform". Really make it easy to pull myself together and get on with it for the day.

Imperfect consistency is better than rigid failure.


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