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Señor Owlbear
13 days ago
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Hello, I've recently got back into the Elder Scrolls games and lore, which reminded me about the existence of the Delvebound Elder Scrolls 5e conversion. Always enjoyed the idea of it, as it is an extensive and fairly coherent chunk of content, but never got to play it. As such, I'd like to gauge interest around such a thing.

I'm willing and able to work around whatever times people got free, so that's a bridge to cross once/if there's a party. I also don't have any set-in-stone preferences towards themes and setting, though I do personally prefer 3rd Era Vvardenfell.

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[Online] [UTC+3] [Other] New player looking for a Symbaroum group for some grim adventures!

Bit about me I've played TTRPGs for about 6 years and I've played quite a lot of different games out there but pathfinder is my favorite game at the moment,followed by 40k dark heresy 2e. I've got a pretty dark sense of humor but it depends entirely on the group how often that shows. I'm a chill bloke in my mid 20s and usually the last person in the group who would get mad because of a joke.

Now even though I haven't played Symbaroum before I learn games really fast just by reading the rules on my own so there's no need to worry about teaching me how to play the game, I've done this with dozens of game systems. As a player I don't really fit into an archetype, I'm more of a jack of all trades kinda guy who likes everything from combat and character optimization to roleplaying and exploration just as much.

I had completely forgotten about the game but now that it popped back into my head I'm trying to get into Symbaroum because a friend of mine basically blue-balled me by saying he'd run it like couple of years ago but then had to cancel and never brought it up again.

I've looked the system over and the spellcasting in this game is just so damn cool that I have to at least try it out. I'd love to play a skeletal spellcaster of some sort because that's something I haven't gotten to do in TTRPGs yet and Symbaroum's dark fantasy world seems perfect for a character like that. It's ofc not the only thing I'd like to play but that's what first came to my head.

As for what type of group I'm looking for I prefer sandbox type of games but I'm mainly interested in simply getting to play Symbaroum so I wouldn't mind a story focused game as long as our choices matter. Doesn't matter if you run official setting or your own one either so basically anything goes.

I'm not interested in PbP or text only games so looking for something with a VTT and voice chat over discord.

I'm available any day of the week aside from wednesdays from 4pm to about 1 AM UTC+3. If you think I'd match your group feel free to message me so we can talk more.

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Hi there, I am a DM looking for 2 more players to start our mini campaign centered in Sword Coast, The module is called Lost Mines of Phandelver. New players to DND are welcome as well, as we are friendly and always looking to teach new people how to play! We currently have 2 players, one of which never played DnD before, and one who is experienced. If you are friendly, teamwork oriented and not rude you will probably fit in with our group! Being new player friendly group, expect to be taught the rules and they will be explained throughout the campaign without issue, I won't lose my patience if you need things explained or just have questions about the game! LGBT+ Friendly!

The story itself is based in the fantasy setting of Forgotten Realms, in the world Toril, Sword Coast region. You will be starting out in the famous city of Neverwinter. You are contracted by a dwarven merchant or a friend, with a job in exchange for promise of riches and adventure! (Everything else will be told in game by NPCs so I would rather not say more :) ) You will start at level one, and by the end of the campaign you should be leveling up all the way up to 5.

What to expect:

Equal mix of Roleplaying, Social Interactions and Combat, semi serious campaign where your choices matter and the story will continue with those choices in mind.

Planning on having 1 session per week, anywhere from 3 - 7 hours of play per session. The current plan is to hold sessions on weekdays from Monday – Thursday from 17:00 to 00:00 Midnight – Time Zone GMT + 2, sessions don’t have to be 7 hours long it’s up to us as a group to decide how long we want to play. My recommendation is that each session is at least 3 hours long.


For DND 5e systems we will be using Roll20 to start with. This is a website that will handle your character sheet, your dice rolls and pretty much anything you can think of for your game. It is totally free, all you need is an account created on it.

For communication we opted out for Discord. Headphones and Microphone is required, they don’t need to be super expensive and professional, but have them set up properly so we can hear you and understand you with no issue, with no noise in the background or music playing. This is to secure the immersion of our sessions and eliminate miscommunication as much as possible. Speaking English is required, as we all talk English in sessions while we play.

Webcam is something that I would strongly suggest using as I would be using it as well. It helps me gauge your reactions as well as your engagement in the sessions. It also helps a lot during roleplaying and social interactions as well.


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