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On December 31st, my sons dad and I got into an argument, it got so bad that I had to call the cops and get an EPO. The EPO was set to expire on the 14th on January, however my attorney filed somewhat of a similar copy of an EPO, and therefore told me not to worry about the EPO expiring on the 14th. My sons grandma came to my house on the 10th and tried to take my son away, police were involved and she was sent home. Yesterday, she came to my house again and tried to take my son, yet again. Police were involved, yet again, however she had paperwork from court stating that the sole custody was of her sons. I had the exact same paperwork, but was filed a day later. Police basically told her to leave since both documents were overlapping each other and my son stayed with me. I fear that she's going to keep coming to my house and bugging me. I'm lost and don't know what to do. Any help would be appreciated!

Edit:The reason why he was able to get a restraining order against me and now both restraining orders overlap each other is because he lied and said he didn't know anything about a restraining order. On December 31st the cops couldn't serve him since he wasn't home, but his mom did know he had a restraining order.

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Last night I received a group email from my employer reading “please find your W2 in the attachment below” and a pdf containing all the W2s of my fellow employees and myself. To be clear we are all bartenders at a bar, no one works in accounting or would have any kind of reason to need to see each others W2 which contains our SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS, addresses, and income and basically anything you can think of on the W2. I can see this for my coworkers and they can see this of me. The W2s were also the employer copies and not the employee copies and not sent encrypted. I am just wondering how legal this is.

Edit: upon reviewing the pdf what was sent out was the employer copies of the W2 forms with everyone’s full ssn. Some people mentioned in the thread that their W2s only have the last 4 digits. I’m not sure if this could be why everyone’s full ssn numbers are visible.

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Background: We live in Southern California and my boyfriend is a 24 years old and USMC veteran with no medical insurance.

At around midnight on October 12, 2021, he was was hit by an oncoming vehicle while trying to help a stranded motorist on the freeway. Before hitting him, the woman struck another car and then swerved right into the emergency lane where he was helping pushing this stranded vehicle. She was going too fast for him to react. He was hit at around 50 miles per hour. The girl who struck him was uninsured, driving a vehicle that was not hers, and distracted. She was apparently only fined $100 for driving uninsured.

We hired a lawyer and he said we would only be receiving around 30k because of my boyfriends uninsured motorist coverage from Geico and he also said he's trying to get loss wages. We're already at around $53,000 on medical bills and whatever money he receives is barely going to cover it. He received extensive road rash, an open wound, and trauma to his knee and neck. The road rash was so deep that they had to scrub the black pavement off his skin. Once sent home, he was bed-bound and off his feet for three weeks. Once he could get up, he used crutches for an extended time. Although it's been 3 months, he still has a limp and uses a knee and ankle brace for support.

My boyfriend may be recovered from his flesh wounds, but his knee has been significantly damaged. Therefore, a total knee replacement has been considered in the next 5 years. On top of physical injuries, he had also been experiencing PTSD due to the accident, altering his personality, sleep, and mental health. I think it's extremely unfair that my boyfriend was being a good samaritan and then this happened. My question is how much further can we take this? I don't feel like a personal injury claim is enough when we might drown in debt at 24-years-old. The VA is of no help.

EDIT: #1 The car was not stolen, since I keep seeing that question. If I remember correctly on the police report it said it belonged to her uncle. #2 She provided no insurance that belonged to her and according to the lawyer, she has no vehicle insurance. Hope that clears things up.

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My son (7) has been living with me and my family since November 2020. His mother has custody of him but has had an incredibly unstable life and was moving back and forth between her moms house in NC and New Jersey. Her mother is very manipulative and the environment was toxic and was causing a lot of emotional trauma for my son and we mutually agreed to have him move in with me and my family in FL for a few months while she gets her life together.

Well, a few months turned into indefinitely as communication fell off and she stopped trying to have a relationship with him. Since then, he’s become incredibly stable here with my family and is halfway through his kindergarten year and is doing exceptionally well. I live with my parents and brothers who have all grown super close to him. He’s happy and bright and completely opposite of who he was when he first arrived and we all love having him here. Recently, his mom has spoken of giving full custody to me and we both agreed that it was the best thing for him. She even came down to visit recently and had a good time but still wished to give custody to me.

Last week, his great-grandmother on his mom’s side became increasingly sick and was put into hospice care. Her dying wish was to see my son one last time. Wanting to honor her wish, I dropped my son off on Friday with the intention of picking him up on Monday. This was an arrangement that was made and agreed upon by me and his mom. On Sunday, I get a phone call from his mother that they were snowed in and wouldn’t be able to meet me halfway like we agreed. This was understandable and I said we could do Tuesday even though he’d be missing school. I get another phone call from her Monday night and she is now saying that she is keeping him and won’t bring him back.

I’m extremely heart-broken and upset. This was unexpected and I know is affecting him emotionally. All of his belongings are here and she has no plans to enroll him in school. He was already behind when he came here and now he will fall even further back. I know he misses his uncles and grandparents and I have not gotten the chance to speak with him since Saturday. I want him back here with me where I know he’ll be safe, in school, and have a steady and stable home-life. What are my options?

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My boyfriend and I will have been together for 3 years this year. We started dating when we were 14 and 15. We’re about to graduate and we’re going to attend the same college. He’s a great person and he’s so freaking smart. He has a solid 4.0 GPA and he wants to be a scientist. My mom can be great. We all usually get along but my mom was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and she goes from being happy to evil overnight. She swears she loves him like a son and she knows he’ll be turning 18 next month( February 18) but I won’t turn 17 until May 24 and she’s been using that to her advantage recently. I don’t live with my mom bc she decided to move an hour away to be closer to her secret boyfriend so I live with my aunt. So now that I’ve given you the backstory, I’ll bring you to today. My grandpa let me use his car after I got my license bc he can’t drive. Today, he told my mom he needed to be at his doctor which is two hours from where I live but only one hour from where she lives. She was blowing up my phone today saying I needed to come get him bc his appointments are my responsibility not hers and that i needed to get him tonight and have him stay at my aunts house . I never said I wasn’t going to get him, I just wasn’t going to get him to stay the night because there is no where for him to sleep. She completely spazzed and called my aunt, she told my aunt that if I didn’t do everything she wants until I turn 18, she’ll make sure I have a terrible life. She threatened to take me out of sports and band so that I couldn’t get a college scholarship and she threatened to get my boyfriend arrested for statutory rape. We have so much ahead of us. We want a life together. We’re about to graduate. We didn’t even have sex until I turned 16 which is the legal age of consent in South Carolina (where I live). I just want to know, can he actually be arrested for statutory rape and what can I do to make sure she doesn’t legally hurt him?

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My wife is an assistant teacher at a school (K-12) in Florida. Around March 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic became widespread, her school shut down for three months. It then reopened in June 2020 for the summer session, and has been open and operating since then. During the three months the school was closed, it apparently received some stimulus money for employees from the government (I believe this was part of the Paycheck Protection Program, though I'm not sure). My wife had been considered a "contractor" on a 1099 until the shutdown, but almost immediately after the shutdown the school switched her to being an employee on a W-4. She then received three weeks of pay while the school was closed from the stimulus funds the school received (she received no regular pay from the school during the shutdown, as she is an hourly employee with no PTO or sick leave). However, once the school reopened and she went back to work, these three weeks of pay were deducted from her new earnings (i.e. she worked without pay for the first three weeks). When I asked her why the school had given her the money just to have her pay it back, she said she didn't know, but thought that the school may not have gotten the stimulus money unless they said it was being paid to a teacher. In speaking to other teachers/assistants at the school, it seems that this was done for them as well. I obviously don't have the details of any applications the school submitted requesting PPP funds or other assistance, but I suspect the school was given funds that were intended to be paid to the employees while they weren't working, but the school essentially kept these funds instead.

Now, fast forward to the present and what has prompted me to write this post. Today, my wife's principal asked to speak to her. Apparently the 2022 Florida state budget includes a $1,000 bonus for all teachers. My wife's principal told her that she would be getting this check and could keep it, but that $1,000 would be deducted from her pay over her next two paychecks. My wife felt this was kind of sketchy, so she talked to three other teachers at the school. All three of them said they'd been told the same thing and didn't like it, but felt there was nothing they could do to keep the money. My wife was then shocked to learn that this had happened before. Around August of 2021, a similar $1,000 bonus had been sent out to all Florida teachers, and the teachers my wife spoke to had had the same thing happen back then; the principal had deducted $1,000 from their paychecks. My wife did receive this $1,000 bonus from the Florida government last year, but for some reason nothing was deducted from her pay at that time and she wasn't aware the principal had done this to others. Unlike the stimulus funds in 2020, the $1,000 checks in August 2021 were apparently mailed directly from the Florida government to the teachers at home, and these payments did not go through the school. It seems likely the 2022 checks will be mailed out the same way, whenever they're issued.

Based on the above, is what the school doing potentially illegal? If so, where/how could I report this? (I'm not interested in hiring a lawyer or suing the school.) I'm not sure if deducting the money from their paychecks is a loophole that would make it okay. Per my wife, she has nothing in writing from the school stating what her hourly rate is (probably a bad choice on her part not to demand this before starting), so I'm not sure if the school could simply claim the pay reductions were unrelated (what are the rules regarding your pay if there is nothing in writing guaranteeing a specific rate?).


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