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Rent: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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We're really heading towards a brutal intersection of factors crushing the middle and lower class

-increased rent

-increased health care costs

-perpetually rising education costs

-inflation hitting most consumables

-wages not keeping up with any of it

All the while food is expected to jump sizably next year as the world feels Ukraine's ag shortages, natural disasters tick up with climate change and general global instability continues.

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· 3 mo. ago
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and yet no one in charge seems to have any interest in helping alleviate any of these struggles because the people with all the money are lining their pockets to continue to bleed us dry.

This is completely unsustainable.

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It also feels like the Supreme Court and the GOP are working on getting rid of any legal recourse people can use to push for change.

It feels like dem leadership is living in a fantasy world where the GOP will eventually come around to compromise even after they attempted a coup.

I'm genuinely afraid of what the next few years will bring

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Fun times ahead

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increased health care costs

I work in healthcare, and can't afford health insurance.

It'd cost over $500/month for my wife and I, which is completely unaffordable. Even if it were, there is nothing in-network for about 200 miles.

It was listed as a "benefit" when I was hired, but is it actually a benefit if it is wholly-unviable?

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At what point does the middle and lower class start fighting back?

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You forgot student loans.

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Are we heading towards another revolt by the proleteriate?

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I’m apartment hunting right now and this episode caused a nice little anxiety attack. I live in a state with absolutely stupidly unaffordable housing. I’m talking rooms for rent going for 1200+

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laughs in nyc

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Lol I would kill to have a place for $1200

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I'm surprised that Airbnb and the like wasn't mentioned. I know there a lot of people who have a basement apartment whole prefer to rent out short term via these services. It's gotten so bad that investment firms will buy a whole building and list it in Airbnb vs traditional renting.

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The Airbnb issue is part of this. And the application fee scam.

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At this point isn't it just a hotel with less regulations.

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What was the name of that landlord lawyer?

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Matthew Chase from MO. Internet really needs to do it's thing on this guy

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I remember listening to a CBS 60 minutes report on housing earlier this year that the number of homes being bought by institutional investors is only 2% of the housing supply. Annoyed that John Oliver furthered along that trope. Many other news segments have attempted to blame the whole problem on that single factor alone. Looks like another example where the whole root cause would be put on a minor factor.

Also, he didn’t mention that renters have no representation in the Congress. How many senators/congresspersons are renters? No wonder we see more policies benefitting homeowners (mortgage deduction from income tax, SALT tax etc).

Lastly, I thought his argument that these high rise luxury apartments do nothing to alleviate the problem is also misplaced. If those who afford it move there, it opens up other places which were previously occupied by them. And hey no mention of how AirBnb is distorting the rental market?

This topic like many others deserves a part 2 for a serious overlook.

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I'm pretty sure AOC was like living in her office at one point....

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Sadly the episode missed the real issues, we have been under-building for decades and the only thing John said about it was that it seems like housing is being built around him so it must not be an issue. By the numbers its completely obvious we are not building enough housing


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