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So, quick primer... When I was 17 I did keto at 320lbs start weight - got down to 185 in less than a year. And I was 17 so I was lazy as fuck with it, mainly ate mcdoubles with no bun and coffee with a tablespoon of heavy whipping cream. And the weight just flew off.

Now, 26, I got back up to 290lbs, and said enough is enough, I'm ketoing back down to 230ish then trying to switch to general low carb + gym to get down to 200ish. Went great at first. First 2 weeks of keto I got all the way down to 270. (I know, most of it was water weight) But then it stopped. Stalling is normal, I reminded myself of that and kcko and all of that. After a week, I finally stepped on the scale and saw 268 - success!!! Plateau broken!

Until the next day when I stepped on the scale and hit 270 again. And have stayed there for another entire week. I'm very discouraged. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.... I could try even more extreme calorie defecits I guess, but as of this morning my right leg is screaming in pain which is one of my bodies tell tale signs I need food, specifically protein. I've been eating a lot of carb free pepperoni and cheese because I work 50+hrs a week, and have needy family members, so I simply have no time to cook except a couple eggs in the morning.

Maybe there's something inherently bad about pepperoni??? I honestly can't think of a single reason why this is happening. I think I remember reading to break a bad stall you can fast for 3 days; but I don't want to do that when my body is already in pain from needing more protein.

Any advice would be really helpful....

Edit: There's lots of replies, and I really appreciate all of them! A bit too much for me to reply to all of them, have a busy day today. But I've read all of them and appreciate it. I'm a lot more upbeat about it, I'm going to start tracking my overall intake of not just calories but everything better, and try to keep salt more reasonable than I have been (and stop using pepperoni for half of my daily calories 🤣). Also gonna try my hardest to focus less on the scale, definitely think I was psyching myself out for no reason, and stressing about it isn't going to help anything. I'm also going to look into readjusting my macros and maybe setting a higher goal calorie amount - I think I calculated my base metabolic rate at around 3000 calories a day, and figured the 1300 would be closer to 1500 cause of portions being slightly off etc., But from what I'm hearing it definitely sounds like I'm way under doing it right now. Thanks again for all the input y'all! And I'll definitely be reading any new comments that show up too :)

Double edit: yes I do have a food scale and I've been tracking in MFP - I think the main mistake I've made is just using portions right off of the packaging that are never quite as accurate as they'd like to be. IE one serving of Almonds is 28 pieces, about 10 pepperoni's are one serving; etc. Gonna try to use said food scale more often instead of relying on the inaccurate portion sizes

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I think I am going to try and throw this into this group now because I can not find any help. I saw a post earlier with a weight gain issue and plenty of people answering BUT the answers were

  • You need to eat more

  • You need to eat less

  • less salt

  • More Electrolytes

  • More fat

  • Less fat

  • Throw away the scale

  • and more....

All for the same person. I am just confused now and frustrated.

Here is my case and it feels like something is not right with me:

Gastric Sleeve surgery in 2018. (I had to do it or I would be dead now). No Gallbladder since 2016.
Lost 120 pounds and it stopped. Fine. I am great. Pandemic starts and I slowly gain weight. Lots of denial and including of carbs.
I just cant bring myself to exercise. I tried many times and it only lasts for about a week. (It's horrible... I know)
I discover intermitted fasting in 2021 and start that. Loose weight initially (not much... probably just water) and it stalls. But at least I am not gaining anymore.
Since that was kind of low carb, I switch to Keto with net carbs <=20. So many videos and I bake my own bread and I switched everything. I measure my Blood Glucose (always around 98 to 115) and my Ketones (Never go above 0.3... rarely 0.5) But I heard that is not that important.

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