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How do I get my own apartment? (With little to no income)

Hi parents,

I’m a college student, I work a campus job that pays $8 and hr, and due to the university’s budget constraints and my own studying, I can only work 9 hours a week.

I’ve just about had it with my parents. Are they paying my college tuition? Absolutely, and I’m incredibly thankful, but they nitpick absolutely everything. “Fix your hair, it looks bad. You’re acne is getting worse,” etc. I never seem to be good enough for them. I hit my breaking point today when my mom called to criticize how much of my own money I’ve been spending on food! She knows how awful our dining hall is and how depressed I’ve been. My sophomore year move-in hasn’t been easy, and yet she calls to criticize. I think I deserve to splurge on a few comfort meals.

I don’t want to put my financials out there, but I think I have a decent amount of money in savings (for a college student) and a couple hundred in checking. How can I get an apartment for the summer so I don’t have to live with them? I plan to get an internship this summer as well, but those usually don’t pay much.

(Sorry for formatting I’m on mobile).

EDIT: Let me clear some things up here since some people are arguing.

I’m not using food as a coping mechanism. I’m on crutches at the moment, and I just got over a bad cold, so I ordered a few meals on Grubhub because it was more convenient than walking to the dining hall. Please don’t assume if you don’t know the whole story.

My mother was giving me flack for those meals I splurged on, even though it’s 1. My money. 2. Not her problem. She’s body shamed me my whole life, I know she’s trying to help but no matter what I do. I’m “too fat, too skinny, too masculine,” it’s unhealthy for me to live with her.

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One idea to consider would be house sitting for the summer. Sometimes people (including college faculty) travel for the entire summer. Keep an eye out, let ppl know you are looking for opportunities. I used to say check Craigslist, but I don’t know where those sorts of things get posted anymore. Heck- they might even pay you to stay there!

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There's an app that sets people up as house and or pet setters for a small yearly fee.

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Yes! This is my dream house watcher for vacations!

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Rent a house with 5 other people.

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Idk why roommates get such a bad name!! My best years was spent living with roommates!

Honestly get used to it cause it makes life 100% easier.

I’ve lived with recovering heroine addicts and I just didn’t keep money or anything valuable in my room. Worked just fine.

Your young. BE FRUGAL! No one’s going to judge you for having a used couch If your 19. That’s just expected.

Do it while your in college too cause it’s the places to find really good roommates. Life changing roommates. Roommates that introduce you to your next best friend or wife.

Edit: avoid living with shady people if it’s possible. I just did it cause I need a place to stay while I looked for something better.

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I mean, I went hardcore no contact with my parents and switched to online / evening classes whenever I could, and worked in retail management during the day OR overnight depending on how many 6pm courses I could take.

Unless you pay for 3-6 months in full, apartments will want to see some stable income that can afford at least 3X the rent.

I’d recommend signing a lease for the summer months you need and paying full from your savings if you’re needing out but can’t swap classes or work a higher paying job.

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Look for a room by the college to rent. Line up a job for the summer to help with the bills. It may not be ideal, but you don't have to go home.

Maybe a student who needs to rent out a summer room?

Also, can you take some summer classes as an excuse not to go home?

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Op · 2 mo. ago

I might be able to take some summer classes. I’ll see what I can do.

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I second this, subletting a room is a great option, when other students need to go back home for the summer!

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If you just want a place for the summer, here are 3 possibilities:

  1. find an internship that pays enough for you to afford housing or that provides housing or a housing allowance (most common if it's a non-local internship). They will usually help you find housing, which may be one of the next two options

  2. If you live in a college town, a lot of students will be subletting and you may be able to get a place for less than their full rent for the summer

  3. Find a long term airbnb that you can afford. This typically does not come with all the challenges of convincing a landlord that you are credit-worthy because you pay up front.

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Can you work off campus and earn more money?

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Can you take summer courses to speed things up and get you out of the house?

I am sorry your parents are stressing you out. One strategy is avoidance.

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Your best bet would probably be a housesitting situation, or a house with a bunch of roommates. There are also some jobs that come with room and board, you could look into it. If you cant move out, I recommend trying to stay out of the house as much as possible. Find a little cozy nook in the college library and stay until closing.

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Perhaps look into a summer job that includes housing. My daughter worked at a summer camp one year that provided housing during the week. This past summer, her internship provided housing (Archaelogy site). She's now in a university run apartment and can opt to stay for summers.

Do you have a friends or family members that could put you up for a few weeks?

You may be able to sublet another student's apartment for the summer.

Best of luck to you.

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How does your mom know how much money you are spending?

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I guess she can see that OP buys some comfort foods? Like if OP gets takeout or buys groceries for home. If OP goes to dine out then the parents can still know, OP might mention where they're going out or where they've been etc.

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Op · 2 mo. ago

She’s somehow on my savings and checking acct. I’m trying to carve out some time this week to call the bank.

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Exactly! If they don’t have access to your bank account, they can’t see what you’re spending. They can still deposit money into it, without having access to it.

You’re an adult. Time to set those boundaries. Change your passwords, or remove those with approved access.

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Yeah OP, if you’re in college you are old enough for a checking account in the US. Don’t know what country you’re in but if your parents are micromanaging your money you should be sure to move it to an account that only you have access to