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Aliens find out about the Great Emu War in Australia, along with all the dangers of Australian flora and fauna. How do they react to the Australians?

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A: wait so you're telling me your death world has a whole nother death continent.

H: Australia do be whack.

A: how come they haven't taken over your world?

H: probably the salties. makes it hard to maintain a navy.

A: a saltie?

H: yeah, a salt water crocodile. it's a giant reptile that can tolerate salt water, fresh water, and walks on land. it's about twenty feet long and can weigh over a ton. survived the dinosaurs.

A: dinosaurs?

H: yeah, dinosaurs. really big lizards. thirty feet tall, couple of tons. teeth as long rail road spikes. that sort of thing.

A: what killed those?

H: Earth once got hit by a rock about six miles wide.

A: faints

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Op · 3 mo. ago

H2: Damnit Steve! I told you not to tell him about the Australians!

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Australians are just Space Florida Mans then. . . Australia Man

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Australian man uses forklift to stop theif stealing his car

Australian man storms animal shelter with an assault rifle

And my personal favourite....

Australian boy biten by shark rides bike home for breakfast

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The same way everybody else does; WAT DAFUQ!?

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Reminds me of a story about aliens trying to conquer Earth and constantly being obliterated by our flora and fauna in the most hilarious ways... Does anybody remember this?

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Yeah its a whole story chain on Tumblr.

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Not sure if that's what you're searching for but at some point that happens in empyrean iris. It's like 4 chapters of all the aliens landing for a big invasion and getting fucked up by all different animals in all different countries


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