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Halo 3: ODST
2 months ago
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When you realize that Halo Infinite’s “open world” doesn’t have a single named NPC or quest giver. It’s all “go to this map marker, shoot enemies, push button.” Linear missions were a better design choice, and offered more dynamic gameplay.

r/halo - When you realize that Halo Infinite’s “open world” doesn’t have a single named NPC or quest giver. It’s all “go to this map marker, shoot enemies, push button.” Linear missions were a better design choice, and offered more dynamic gameplay.
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I just want random Scarabs stomping across the Ring and the Falcon.

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I'd picture in a last effort, Escherum would go for a scorched Earth approach and have a Scarab in each of the main areas. Would've been cool if the Pilot got a Condor working and having a crazy map sized battle

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The map felt empty. I like open world and open world first person games are nice. But there wasn't really anything notable to do wasnr it? I'm not expecting named NPCs based on the setting (surviving forces hiding from the banished) but hell even the banished are doing nothing, i see a bunch of ships around but the biggest threat is a wraith , the map had nothing hidden that moved the mistery besides we'll main missions and easter eggs like the plushies. Hell I was excited when I found the 2 red hunters next to the first area and was like damn I bet I can find these types of secret or hidden away stuff but nope. It was lacking in what makes some open world truly good and is rewarding and entertaining exploration also the number of kill areas prohibiting you from reaching some places.

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Imagine Banished Scarab fights similar to Halo 3. But noo nooo.... of course not.

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Scarabs are excavation equipment.

The Banished were digging into the ring.

There's a literal mission to stop an excavation laser.

Not one scarab.

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This has me thinking about the "Global Battle" idea that was shown in prototype footage for Halo Reach. (

This is what should've been an "open-world" Halo game. It should've been you in this varied, heavily populated world (possible even Earth or perhaps a colony), with constant action going on around you. Things getting bombed, enemies on patrol, seeing squads of marine under fire, scarabs walking around. Just a giant high-octane clusterfuck.

Like, this is why I get confused by open-world games. Why increase the scale of a game just to have almost nothing going on inside of it. Video games nowadays are so misguided in their priorities it just baffles me. You'd expect games to keep ramping it up and becoming more energetic and adrenaline filled as technology advanced, especially with a game like Halo but no...

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mantis run

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I don’t see how it would be possible at all for a Scarab to stomp across the top of a Falcon


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My biggest problem with the map itself aside from one single biome, is that it’s too rocky. Makes vehicles almost pointless. Why would I use a warthog when I can just spoodermang over the mountain?

Edit: after reading all the comments, the grapple actually seems to the main problem with the world. The world seems designed for the grapple and the grapple only. It may be an incredible amount of fun but it seems to have broken the game. I think I spent more time in the air from being spoodermang than actually walking it running.

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Hard agree. It's also why the BTB maps are frustrating. Vehicles are basically stuck to the roads without much open area to maneuver.

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Especially because the grappling line just outpaces warthogs and other ground vehicles most of the time. The only vehicle I that I used frequently was the Wasp, and that was because there’s no fall damage in the game, and it let me cross gaps easier. Other than that, it’s just easier to run around than use vehicles. There’s no incentive to use a scorpion either, because on top of being slow, the thing’s pretty fragile (for a main battle tank) and doesn’t have as much firepower as prior games (or it feels that way, anyway)

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The fact the tank could not run over stumps or trees is infuriating. Made even attempting to use the tank pointless in the open world.

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And the shock rifle using ai making air vehicles useless

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Battlefield 🤝 Halo

Consistently making vehicles more and more useless over time

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No point for vehicles when you can grapple everywhere


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