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All the concept art of halo infinite makes it feel like an entirely different game.

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A world under created rule.
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Because it is

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Filthy Casual

That's all there really is to it.

I know lots of people here HATED Halo 5's story, but if we're being honest, a continuation of where H5 left off would have been a MUCH better and engaging story than what we got. The war with the Created, witnessing the full power of the Guardians, continuation of the Arbiter's story, actually playing through significant events like capturing Cortana and the battle on the Infinity... rather than watching them and reading about them through holograms and datapads.... I mean, the game is called INFINITE for fucks sake... after "Man Kind's greatest technological achievement"... and we don't even get to play the battle on the Infinity when it falls? It's just shown to us in the opening cutscene and then barely even talked about again? You can obviously tell that the game we got is a very different game than what was originally planned, just by the name of it alone. I think when the decided to make this game "open world", that's when the planned narrative really got the axe (can't do open world with different locations in the universe).

I got downvoted for weeks with criticism of Infinite's story when the game launched, but you see a lot more of it these days. I think people were temporarily blinded to something new, shinny, and different. But now that the shine has worn off, a lot of people are realizing just how empty and soulless Infinite's campaign is.

Infinite basically did to Halo what The Rise of Skywalker did to Star Wars. Just dismissed everything that happened in the prior installment because fans were critical. It's really a shame that 343 can't seem to understand where they should cave to fans and where they should stand their ground. I don't have high hopes for the future of Halo...

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Sadly this is how the real world is in almost every creative field for at least some of not a lot of projects. Hate to see it but I feel their pain.

Also don’t take this as me saying it’s excusable cause it’s not. Just pointing it it’s sadly realistic.

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Yep, standard 343 tactic where they work for something else and then make somthing else entirely.

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The Infinite we got felt like the epilogue to a game we never got to play

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Exactly it felt like we skipped from prologue to epilogue.

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I love the oni base with the big ass logo.

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Really screams secret organisation doesn't it?

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I know those things look cool but imagine being the UNSC and you build a base on an ancient ring and you still got time to budget/contract/design a logo just because it will look cool. I like to think that’s cannon

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It's so the Covenant know exactly what buildings are military facilities when they're bombing the planet... oh wait that's the one building that survived the glassing of Reach?

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It's two steps forward thinking. Enemy see this and be like "nah, that cant be our target".


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It felt like just a really big version of the mission Halo and Silent Cartographer from CE, just going around on the ring and doing stuff. Mixed with liner parts...

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The open world concept really came at the expense of the level variety. The whole game had to take place in one location and they didn’t really even attempt to give it different biomes or anything

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Exactly. When they announced that it was going to be an open world game I really just shook my head. I haven’t even played it so I don’t have the right to give my opinion yet but from what I heard it’s exactly what I expected.

To be fair though, “Halo” from CE is one of my favorite missions to replay so if it’s 18 hours of that maybe I will enjoy it to a degree.

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Well they did said “the game is like the 2nd level of CE but expanded” hinting that it will be just a plain simple area of grass/trees/forerunners structure. Having said that, that’s no excuse for what the game turned out to be, it feels empty

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People really say there are no biomes because there is no snow lol

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The game would have benefited a lot more from being an on-rails campaign.

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I think it would have worked if there were more biomes and the map was 5x larger. There are just no memorable set pieces or epic moments in the campaign. You listen to exposition from a hologram 90% of the game.

If the Infinite campaign's open world was the hub between biomes or more on-rails sections, I think that would have worked.