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5 months ago

4chan and 5chan brigading and mass reporting streamers for any sign of addon usage

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[Kryzt Seymour // Exodus]

Folks, some of the discourse in the comments has gotten absurdly out of hand.

We understand this is a subject worth much conversation, but please remember to abide by our rules -- especially our Rule 1 on Civility. Please engage in constructive debate and conversation, but don't engage in baiting and flaming.

To whomever reported this post as being self-harm or suicide: thanks for your concern?


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As the accused seems to be Pyromancer in the copy paste report I admit I watch very little of him could someone clarify what people are reporting him for? I know he has a few addons to say change the ways text boxs look but again I watch very little of him to know anything else.

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· 5 mo. ago

That's pretty much it. Pyro has a few UI mods/tweaks but this mob is pretty much going for anything that isn't a vanilla experience.

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UI mods/tweaks.


Anyone streaming with anything against ToS that they could conceivably catch a ban for is being mass reported.


Some portion of the community thinks this is asinine.

Another portion thinks "GOOD, FUCK THEM, THEY'RE BREAKING TOS"

And another is just eating popcorn, while playing with their addons, just not on stream.

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Apparently Pyro got on one of his rage tirades when the topic was brought up, proceeding to defend addons and showing all that he has installed determined to make a stand. He deleted the VOD and I only saw sniplets where he colorfully tells people to suck his pp.

The now mass reporting of him is the fallout.

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Its partly because he is one of the most prominent Western Twitch streamers.

Its partly because he is easy to bait into getting mad, and trolls are easily entertained by such people.

Its partly because of the way he took a torch to his stream yesterday in a scorched earth campaign against people who disagreed with him and how he was (badly) taking their criticism.

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It's not just pyro, they're making copy paste reports for any XIV streamer they find with anything tangible on screen, usually ACT. Then they're making up a bunch of nonsense harassment claims and tacking them on top.

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· 5 mo. ago
[Aerdoejaaroo - Zodiark]

Here "a few" is an understatement. His UI was barely recognizable. I might have been wrong, but I was always thinking that he would not get a media tour interview because of them.

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· 5 mo. ago
Rukyo Wakahisa on Ultros

I actually watched a good part of that stream, then decided to watch more later since he was getting heated.
As he has said on his stream today, he has ADHD and a lot of issues to deal with. Not an excuse, since abusers can fall back on that, but even the most diligent people trying to better themselves struggle with their problems.
Pyro jumps to conclusions and gets baited a lot. I used to have these kind of problems until I realized sometimes I was wrong and that I needed to take a step back instead of reacting.
I don't really blame Pyro for yesterday. He was being baited pretty badly. One person went so far as to say that they felt vindication whe people are getting banned using mods since they can't (probably a console player). That's just a toxic attitude; being miserable and feeling the need to drag people down to your level to feel better about yourself.
If anything was his fault, it was that he let himself get baited. Even Asmongold said it happens and you just have to deal with it and not let people control you like that.


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· 5 mo. ago

4chan often jumps onboard the drama train in order to cause more discourse. It's their MO on anything really.

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Let's not kid ourselves though, a lot of reddit user's responses are absolutely encouraging this kind of behaviour towards addons/mods as well.

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In Asmongold's words: "The only people that 4chan hates more than minorities is streamers".

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It's actually a 5chan VS 4chan war. 5channers were salty about WF and they gathered together to mass report western streamers using add-ons. 4channers noticed what they were doing and started doing the same on Japanese streamers, specially some favorites from JP community like Hiroko. After people started getting banned, JP community started to rant on Twitter and that caught SE attention and here we are.

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in order to cause more discourse

They’re doing it so they can talk about it more?

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what's a "MO"?


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