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Amazon’s putting a three-day pause on reviews for The Rings of Power

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I think it helps that I never read the source material

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Oh probably, I’m completely in the dark about the lore and I’m really digging the show for the “mystery” of it.

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I have and I still enjoy it. It’s based on the appendices and is essentially a brand new story made by the show runners. I get people being upset by this. But I think it’s respectful of Tolkien’s world and the show is good.

Literary protectionism hits different than any other kind. The novel is still there. It’s still different, and it’s still amazing.

To everyone worried about the “LOTR-verse” ruining Tolkien’s legacy: look at Shakespeare. There are countless adaptations and some of them comically poor. And he is still regarded as one of the greatest writers in history. So I don’t buy that argument.


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Amazon suddenly cares if reviews are real.

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· 3 mo. ago

They’ve always cared about real reviews.. that why the fund the fake ones

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I couldn’t leave a review recently bc I called the seller out for a bait/switch.
“Only product reviews” - bitch the product is sold by them and I want people to know not to buy from them.

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Many Amazon reviews are for entirely different products.

I'm looking at headphones and the reviews are for oven mitts.

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Yet they are slow to remove obvious fake praises on some shit that could have come from

If it's not made for Amazon or owned by Amazon, they'd file the complaint to be looked at later, and forget about it for months.

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· 3 mo. ago · edited 3 mo. ago

A lot of the negative reviews are being driven by the idea that the show is “woke” or some dumb shit because they have not white actors on the cast and crew. No one is obligated to give fascists a platform to spew their ignorant racism.

This is just letting their little incel hissy fit sputter out over a few days to give a more accurate score. It’s an issue in gaming too so it’s not exactly unique; after gamergate; review bombs on steam are pretty common over absolutely silly shit.


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The reviews must be so good that Amazon doesn't want anybody to know about them

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The article says they’ve implemented this policy for all their new shows to avoid review bombing.

Amazon is reportedly putting a three-day delay on user reviews for all of its content on Prime Video, including the newly-released The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. According to reports from Variety and Deadline, the delay is supposed to help stave off review bombing, or the act of flooding a particular show, movie, game, or book with negative remarks.

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WholesomeSilver3Take My Energy3Ally

I don’t know anyone who’s seen it that doesn’t like it. Not everyone loves it but I don’t think I’ve seen anything close to an honest non click baity review that said it was below average.

This is simply that disgusting white guy “fan” culture at it again.

Give it a day and they’ll quickly be distracted by the next thing, a new she hulk episode or maybe Rick and Morty will introduce a black male lead character. There’s always something new for them to hate right around the corner.

**oh no… I’ve summoned them!

*** they’ve reported me to the suicide hotline. These are the people we’re talking about. How insanely gross is that?

**** in more than a decode on Reddit nothing I’ve ever commented has generated more vitriol or disgusting behavior than this one. But please tell me more about the totally rational behavior of these “fans” 🤣🤣🤣

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My wife and I: huge LOTR fans who were ready to hate Rings of Power.

It's fucking good. Not original trilogy of films level good, but anyone expecting that is an idiot. It has exceeded any reasonable expectations in most facets.

Now, not liking something from the Amazon corporation that is blitzkrieging the world with an absolutely insanely expensive ad campaign? I can see that. But the product itself is pretty damn good. Anyone who is upset because there are strong female characters and diversity outside of classic Tolkien era fantasy is exhausting. It is not distracting AT ALL.